Welcome to SexiLeaks, thanks for JOINING US.

So far, we have received a lot of messages and feedback asking how a GLOBAL Flash Mob 4 PEACE is connected with the name SexiLeaks. Great, you have already posed the first question you need to in order to understand the bigger picture.

Over the next 18 days we are going to demonstrate, rather than tell, exactly how the name SexiLeaks is connected with peace – no, not ‘pee’s, PEACE. Each day we will provide you with a new piece (yes, a third version of the word PEACE – F*CKING ENGLISH!, says Vortex 😉 ) of the puzzle that will bring you closer to understanding the connection, Then, on DEC 8, 2015 we will release a special message of PEACE, LOVE, and UNITY to cover the globe.

Don’t judge a book by its cover – what’s in a name? A rose, by any other name, would still smell just as sweet. Read our messages and think about the content. If you don’t understand something, join the discussion on our page in the comments section and ask you friends how they understand. We have to start sharing our collective mind to reach the true, deeper understanding of all humanity – how we are the same, rather than different, and how we impact each other through misunderstanding.

If we can learn to communicate our truths and LISTEN to each other, to seek to understand, and to inspire each other with our unique perspectives, we will all be one step closer to PEACE. Every single individual on this planet is unique, but through understanding we can overcome our differences and FIND THE WAY to PEACE. We need to learn to not feel ashamed and weak for posing questions and searching for truth. There are no stupid questions, and you might find that other people are wondering the same thing as you.

The second question we’ve heard a lot is: how does it work and how do I get involved? We’ll get there, but for that answer you will have to tune in tomorrow, to get the next piece of the puzzle.

Instant gratification may feel good for a moment, but its effects don’t last. We are offering you the key to eternal happiness. If we told you everything all at once, our relationship would be like a one night stand. We want something more, something deeper, something that lasts a lifetime.

L.I.F.E. – Life Isn’t F*cking Easy, there is no free lunch. We understand the value of this information but we are not using it to make money – we have a different dream: PEACE. We are not selling this information – there is no purchase necessary to participate in this movement – because money cannot buy happiness. The best things in life are free – things that are much better than lunch, for example, PEACE.

We live in a highly sexualized society yet we have higher tolerance for hate, violence, and war than for love, sex, and PEACE. We point to politicians and say they are corrupt because their truths related to sex and money become scandals when they are publicly exposed but we do not publicly shame them for their participation in war. Who among us can honestly say that we have never been in a compromising situation related to either money or sex? Probably few, or none, but we don’t talk about those pieces of ourselves because we feel guilty and ashamed of our supposed ‘sins’ – the very things that link all humanity. This is the power of truth and clear communication – it can help us to discover how we are all related, rather than different.

One last note on clear communication and the need for discussion in order to achieve understanding. In our world of mass media, social media, business English, and the internet, we are overwhelmed by the task of trying to sort through all the information in order to find the truth. Even more difficult is trying to find an answer when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Pose questions, join the discussion, and share your experience. A first-hand source is always the best one. Use your instinct to try to get to the bottom of all of the confusion, all of the noise, and invite others to join the discussion because our collective knowledge and experience is the key to understanding the bigger picture.

Understanding human sexuality gives us deep understanding of human motivation and instinct, the problem is that very few of us truly understand love and sex deeply enough to make the connections. We want to expose the missing link to prevent the ability for it to be held over us, used to manipulate and control us, all of us. From micro-scale to macro-scale, these issues affect everyone on this planet.

John Lennon said ‘Make LOVE, not WAR’. He told us ‘Love is the ANSWER’ and we want to give that answer to all humanity – on Dec 8, 2015.

Share this message, subscribe to our page, and invite your friends to do the same. We want to save this world, but we can’t do it alone. Will you JOIN US?

Much love,