Jana! You cannot IMAGINE how much HOPE your comment gave to us. Even if you had so-called negative or depressed thoughts, you still took the time to write to us and describe your feelings, your experience. You were BRAVE enough to be the FIRST to SHARE your VOICE, but we HOPE you will not be the last. You are NOT ALONE, we have heard your sentiments echoed by many other voices across the world, that’s why we started this project.

It’s been only 3 days but already we have a community of 100 STRONG. The more of us that JOIN together, the more power we will have to take ACTION. You gave us hope because, even though you didn’t know what to do, you are ready to do something, you are just asking for someone to show you the way, to tell you the missing piece of your puzzle. We all need that. Alone, our perspectives, our world views, are incomplete, but if we all put our heads together, we will be able to FIND OUR WAY.

You said you felt controled by powers that are much stronger than you and that you wouldn’t be able to change anything until those powers were removed. It’s true, the obstacles we are facing in this world today are huge, they even seem IMPOSSIBLE to overcome. Plato wrote that Socrates said, ‘The secret of CHANGE is to focus all of your energy, not on destroying the old but on building the new’. Against enemies that seem larger and stronger than us our best weapon is our mind – this is a classic case of brain vs braun, mind vs muscle. KNOWLEDGE is POWER.

I heard once that ‘the law is for stupid and unsocial people’. That is because the law is supposed to be there to protect us, not control us, but WE are the ones that let it get out of hand. We seem to have forgotten though, that if we use our mind (instead of being ‘stupid sheep’) and relearn to be ‘social’, then we wouldn’t have such complicated laws and that, together, we would have control over them rather than the other way around. For one person, it is not possible to roll back the clock  of humanity and go back to a time before the corruption, but together, we can. The 99% > 1%, there is strength in numbers.

Our weapons in this life are our MINDS, our HEARTS, and our UNITY. Together, if we learn to share our hearts – our true feelings and real experiences – the power of the collective mind will become infinitely strong and wise. The first strategic move in this battle – the first action you can take – is to learn how to share with love instead of fear in your heart. No political correction, just pure, open-minded, respectful, truth.

We are all craving LOVE, every single human on this planet. Either we have found our sources for it or we are looking for them. At the beginning of any relationship, sexual or not, we must COMMUNICATE clearly and truthfully, and BE UNDERSTOOD. Our ability to achieve PEACE depends on our ability to communicate, to form connections, and to be accepted – to LOVE. From micro-scale to macro-scale, this concept applies to any conflict in this world.

At this point in time we are incredibly lucky to have the internet as a tool. We can use social media and audio-visual technology to defy the laws of physics, to overcome the obstacle of physical space, to ‘face-time’ across vast distances. It is each person’s choice for what purpose they will use this technology – power created by the human mind.

When you start to think in 3D, in the dimension that extends infinitely upward, you start to realize the possibilities are limitless. You can see that there are opportunities to USE THE SYSTEM TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM. Use the power that’s already there, like how a martial artist uses their opponent’s size against them. Focus on creating instead of destroying, you will find that you can change your perspective of anything from ‘bad’ to ‘good’, from ‘controling’ to ‘useful’, from impossible to POSSIBLE from ‘fear’ to ‘LOVE’. With joint mind power and collective understanding, everything is possible.

We are writing to you from India. In Hindi there is an expression: SAB KUCH MILEGA. It means anything is possible, or actually, really, it means NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Since we joined our minds and created SexiLeaks, we have learned that this expression represents truth and it has become one of the mantras of our Journey to Freedom.

As long as we can SHARE our MIND, there is HOPE yet for humanity. As long as our head is still above the ‘shit’ we can breathe, INSPIRE – ourselves and others. As long as we still have FREE THOUGHT, FREE SPEECH, and FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION we can use them to FIND OUR WAY.

Only TRUTH and LOVE can set us FREE, and freedom is priceless, but FREEDOM is RESPONSIBILITY. We will never stop fighting for our dreams, for PEACE, because that’s when all the fighting ends.

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Much love,