How do you know if somebody’s faking it?

If you learn to give LOVE, you’ll get TRUTH in return.

We want to try to understand the bigger picture of how this world really works. If we want to change the world with a message of PEACE, LOVE, and UNITY, we first have to understand what LOVE is. Is it a feeling? An emotion? A state? A chemical reaction in the brain? It’s hard to say.

As humans, we feel PAIN and PLEASURE; those are the 2 base SENSATION and we can easily identify and measure them. We think about it in terms of whether something feels ‘BAD’ or ‘GOOD’.

FEAR and LOVE are the 2 base human EMOTIONS; all other emotions, whether positive or negative, stem from them. So if PLEASURE is ‘GOOD’, it must be related to LOVE. Of course, we are assuming that PAIN is ‘BAD’ and is related to FEAR.

GOOD = pleasure, love
BAD = pain, fear

So, a lack of love, and an excess of fear, must be related to an IMBALANCE between the levels of pain and pleasure felt in this world. If we could somehow BOOST PLEASURE levels, it would seem that the level of LOVE WOULD RISE…Sexi, huh?


So where do we find PLEASURE, this hidden natural resource of the highest value? Good news, it seems that everyone has access to it, they just have to know how to stimulate themselves properly 😉

Humans need only food and water to survive, right? Actually, they need one more thing: PLEASURE.

Pleasure is the foundation of MOTIVATION. Even in frustrating situations, we use our minds to find ways to keep ourselves ‘amused’ – pleased, or at least distracted, and motivated.

So if we go after PLEASURE, and do the things that make us HAPPY, then we’ll all be more MOTIVATED and CREATIVE and we’ll all have the ability to feel more LOVE and that would be GOOD, right?

If you don’t know where to look for pleasure in your life, please stay with us until DEC 8, we’ll SHARE our idea with you.

We all try to add little touches of cheer and pleasure in our lives; we try to eat ‘good’ food (whatever that means to you at any random time) and drink beverages other than water for a pleasant taste. We try to get that little chemical kick in our brain, the one that gives us a brief moment of PLEASURE, because a life without pleasure is not worth living.


Theoretically then, you could ESCALATE levels of FEAR BY RESTRICTING access to PLEASURE.

I wonder, are we living in a world where our access to real pleasure is restricted? Are we being kept PURPOSELY FRUSTRATED because it makes us REACT PREDICTABLY?

And I’m NOT talking about access to some cheap pleasure, a false promise that we BUY to FILL the GAPS between where we WANT to be vs where we are; how we WANT to feel vs how we actually do. I’m talking about an earthquake going off inside your soul – the kind you feel when you SEE someone you LOVE, DO something you LOVE, or BE someone you LOVE.


IMAGINE a world full of HAPPY people – are we ready for this?

We want to change this world but we can’t do it alone, will you JOIN US?

Do something you LOVE this week – get some exercise, spend time with friends or family, read a book, or work on a hobby. Take care of yourself and spread your smile.

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15 days left.

Much love,