Religion, love it or fear it, is a fact of the world we live in today. Part of the message of this movement is that KNOWLEDGE is POWER. The more LOVE we learn to give, the more TRUTH we’ll get in return and the more understanding and tolerance, instead of hate and violence, we will have.

The first story in the Book of Genesis, the first holy book in the Judeo-Christian trilogy, is of Adam and Eve. The story goes that Adam and Eve were in heaven and had everything they needed. There was only one rule: they must avoid the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

One day Eve broke God’s law and accepted the fruit of the tree, an apple, from a snake. She ate the fruit and offered it to Adam who also took a bite. The consequence: they were cast out of heaven – to the world we now live in.

We have a little bit of a different PERSPECTIVE on the story. IMAGINE Adam and Eve weren’t kicked out of heaven to earth; IMAGINE, physically, there were still in the same surroundings. The only thing that changed in them was that they gained KNOWLEDGE of GOOD and EVIL. Our perspective is that they simply GAINED NEW PERSPECTIVE.

Before eating the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve simply saw things as they were, WITHOUT JUDGEMENT. They probably described and classified everything based on physical evidence (pain vs pleasure), and they simply used the power of their mind to use any object or situation to their advantage.

When they gained ‘knowledge of good and evil’, all they gained was a new level of classification; ‘EMOTION’ as a concept was created based on our 2 base SENSATIONS.


This new concept, emotion, came with a ton of new words for us to use to try to describe these new feelings, more than simply saying something was ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Using language in order to accurately describe something is an art and a necessity of TRUTH.

The original sin was that Adam and Eve gained new PERSPECTIVE, new knowledge, but did not learn to properly understand and describe it, nor to use it to their advantage. This created a huge moral grey area, because KNOWLEDGE without UNDERSTANDING is a dangerous thing.  Eventually, everyone created their own description of good and bad and it became nearly impossible to know what the right thing to do is.

The concepts of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cannot exist without each other; one is simply a reflection of the other. It is up to us to learn to CHANGE OUR PERSPECTIVE in order to understand the TRUTH about good vs evil and how to use any situation to our advantage.


And we’re NOT talking about some expensive, store-bought, easily-consumable pleasure, we’re talking about eternal bliss.

Ignorance is not bliss, it is weakness, and knowledge is power. We want to change this world but we can’t do it alone, will you JOIN US?

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