We all know one of those people – good looking, great with the opposite sex, charming, sexi, loves to be liked…were you thinking of a guy or girl?

Keep this person in your mind.

Were you thinking of them as someone who is ‘powerful’ and ‘successful’, or someone who is ‘slutty’ and ‘manipulative’?

The double standard we apply to guys and girls is exactly the same concept that applies to politicians who promote peace yet engage in war.

We think it’s ‘bad war’ if someone else’s leader declares it but it’s ‘good war’ if our head of state tells us that we need it for our own security. We wonder if you see the HYPOCRISY there.

We wonder why everything is always reduced to 2 polarized views, ‘bad’ or ‘good’. We wonder if, together, we can reach deeper understanding.

POLARIZATION is a process that divides people into 2 opposing camps – those who like something vs those that hate it, right wing vs left wing. FEAR vs LOVE. Not being on one side automatically means that you’re on the other, it seems there’s no escape…

We have an idea about how we can UNITE both sides, we are going to SHARE it with you on DEC 8.

Think again of the person you had in your head at the beginning of this post. Are they someone you ‘like’ or ‘hate’? Do you like some parts of their character but disagree with other parts? Do you fear voicing your opinion? Do you think change is not possible? SUB KUCH MILEGA – nothing is impossible.

HYPOCRISY causes confusion in our minds. We think think we are comfortable belonging to the group we are in – because we definitely don’t want to be on the other side! Polarization means that we are forced into representing some views we don’t actually agree with, and we fear voicing our opinions because it means as standing as one against a giant collective.

Have no fear, SexiLeaks is here. You are not alone. Better is always possible, and knowing that doesn’t make you a traitor, it makes you human.

We wonder if we can use the concept of polarization to our advantage. We wonder if we can apply the same principle in the battle of GOOD vs EVIL and use LOVE to tip the scales of justice by offering a choice that everyone can make without feeling bad.

The choice is this: pain or pleasure, fear or love.

John Lennon said: ‘LOVE is the ANSWER’.

SHARE this message, JOIN the discussion, INVITE your friends to do the same.

We want to change this world but we can’t do it alone, will you JOIN US?

13 days left.

Much love,