When did sex become known as f*ucking? Why is f*uck one of the most versatile words in English?

F*cking implies that one side is taking advantage of the other, that one side is dominating the other – you can get f*cked over, f*ucked up, and so f*cking …

So why do we say f*ck when we talk about something that used to be called making LOVE?

At the beginning of human existence, whenever you consider that was, we first identified our ‘self’. We recognized ourselves as individual beings that belonged to a species of other similar individuals. At that time, you were born in a small community filled with other people who looked the same as you – your mom looked like her mom and her sisters, your dad looked like his male relatives.

As you grew you may have heard of or experienced the existence of ‘others’ – people from far-away lands that looked and behaved differently from the people in the group you were a part of. The relationship with this group of ‘others’ may have been amicable, and perhaps there were ‘others’ that were ‘bad’. I always IMAGINE the settlers from Europe arriving in North America – what it must have been like for the natives.

Our PERSPECTIVE is that as our knowledge of the world grew, so did the number of artificial divisions that were created in language to describe our differences, to categorize us. Ethnicity, religion, nationality, body type, social status, and wealth all became identifying factors but humans didn’t learn to UNDERSTAND the BIGGER PICTURE of the new KNOWLEDGE they had gained.

We used these descriptive terms to create hierarchy, rather than to simply have more ways to describe our human mosaic. At some point, life became one big power struggle, each person desperate to get as much as they could for themselves and their group (however they identified themselves) in order to reach a higher spot on the totem pole of life. We used this new knowledge to create understanding about competition, not collaboration.

We think we may have missed something at some point, something from the very beginning. In those small communities where everyone was related and looked the same lies a very important TRUTH. At that time, the only major, visible difference between people was their gender. Customs about procreating with close relations varied across the world but, in general, only the genetically strongest survived. So, you had yourself, your blood relations, your spiritual relations, and a consciousness of ‘us’ vs ‘them’ in terms of men vs women and friends vs enemies. Survival instinct and sexuality motivated everything and we learned to value ‘same’ over ‘different’ – except when it comes to f*cking. We think it is in this context that we can find the answer to GLOBAL PEACE!

I was trapped in a tribal village in the jungle on an island in Fiji for 2 weeks with no money and no escape. I had no communication with the outside world and no one was coming to save me. Luckily I’m still here today to take conclusion from my experience, and when Vortex added his perspective to the mix we started to understand something very important about this world, something we want to share with you on DEC 8.

It’s our last night in India! What an incredible journey it has been! Incredible India, thaumaturgic, the land of extremes. Tomorrow we’ll be writing to you from Malaysia, lah 😉

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