A lady in the street and a bitch in the sheets, that’s what good girls are made of, right?

And what are all the good men made of?

You know the story: all the good men are taken. Or all men want to do is f*ck. Or ‘he was so nice when we first started dating but…’. Or, ‘I can’t date someone who spends more time in front of the mirror than me!’ There are as many descriptions of a ‘good’ man as there are women to describe one.

What do women really want? It’s the age old question. Assuming that both sexes are motivated in the same way, through pleasure, we wonder if men and women feel pleasure, and satisfaction, in the same way?

It’s pretty easy to tell if a guy feels pleasure, and when he is satisfied. But for women, the case is apparently less clear. Women take pleasure in all sorts of things but, apparently, there’s only a lucky 30% or so who take pleasure, and satisfaction, from sex in the same way men do. Right Cosmo?

Recently my Facebook newsfeed has been packed with stories about people that I used to know, who are around my age (mid-late 20s), who are getting married and having babies. I have also heard a few horror stories lately about girls getting pregnant ‘by accident’ – in 2015? What the f*ck!?!?

Maybe there’s something more to this biological clock than we think… Maybe the female instinct is craving LOVE (satisfaction from PLEASURE) and decides on making a baby as the best way to go about getting it.

If men and women don’t take the same pleasure, and satisfaction, from sex, what do the women (hope to) get out of it? A boyfriend? A ring? A baby? Money?

If LOVE is related to pleasure, it must be the emotion we feel when we feel pleasure. LOVE must be the ultimate satisfaction of pleasure – not some empty instant gratification from a one night stand. Do women substitute a lack of physical pleasure, and satisfaction, from sex with other things that they use to replace LOVE? Is that why they often ‘love’ a man just for his money. Is that why men ‘love’ women because of their body?

Ladies, we wonder, how much expensive and useless CRAP have you bought in hopes of attracting some guy, or to make yourself feel better when it didn’t go well with some guy, or to pleasure yourself when there was no guy around to give you attention?

Men, we wonder, how much money have you spent on trying to land in bed with some girl?

Money can’t buy LOVE but it can buy sex. Ultimately though, money can’t buy happiness because the best things in life are free! LOVE doesn’t cost a thing but before you can find happiness, you have to know what you are looking for.

Humans are one of the only species on the planet that can have sex for pleasure, not just for procreation. The Bonobo chimpanzee is another and they live in a society that totally lacks aggression. We wonder where the link was broken. When did female sexual satisfaction take a backseat to their ability to become pregnant? Why does our social software tell us it’s OK for men to enjoy all the sensual pleasures of sex while women are ‘slut shamed’ for doing the same thing? Is nature really so cruel to give us the theoretical ability for pleasure from sex but to only endow 30% of girls with physical ability? Is that the real reason why it’s a ‘man’s world’?

They say a happy wife = a happy life, but how can you figure out the key to happiness when you don’t know what women really want. Women seem to have a totally different set of rules to follow when it comes to sex, a totally different set of standards. They worry not just about seeking pleasure but also about their reputation and the outcome of their actions. They ask ‘where and what will it get me?’

Society imposes more constraints on females actively seeking pleasure for pleasure’s sake – shame, sin, guilt, reproductive responsibility. Maybe this is the reason women have stopped seeking pleasure for pleasure’s sake in favour of seeking status, stability, and security – in a relationship, with a baby, and a guy who makes enough money to support us both as quickly as possible, before I’m too old or my ‘number’ gets too high.

Women seem to be motivated by totally different things than men. Men are simple: food, sex, money, power, that’s what men really want. They seek to maximize their pleasure and minimize their responsibility. Simple.

Women seem to be more complicated – their desire for pleasure is linked to responsibility. They care about stability, they fear judgement, they crave comfort. It seems like they are motivated more by fear than LOVE; they seem to avoid pain rather than trying to achieve pleasure.

Maybe women don’t believe love exists and men don’t care if it does. This translates to: women don’t believe satisfaction from pleasure is possible while men have easier access to instant gratification.

We said yesterday that the first obvious difference, the first ‘us’ vs ‘them’, was between men and women. Maybe the key to GLOBAL PEACE lies in understanding the opposite sex.

We all crave LOVE, the ultimate satisfaction from pleasure. That’s what women really want, and it’s what men really want too. Think you know it all already? I doubt it. This is about so much more than sex.

How can you tell if she’s ‘faking it’? If you learn to give LOVE, you’ll get TRUTH in return.

8 more days until we share our TRUTH with you – we hope you show us some LOVE before then.

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