Apparently Global Warming is finally gaining some serious attention. The world once again looks to Paris.

Although the state of our environmental affairs is abysmal, we are sure that LOVE IS THE ANSWER for that too. We LOVE NATURE because it gives us everything we need; it is our mother, our teacher, and our life source.

Did you know that the word ‘culture’ comes from Slavic language? ‘Kultura’ came from 2 root words – ‘kult’, or following, and ‘Ra’, the sun god. IMAGINE a world of KULTURA – people following NATURE!

These days we have pop culture, mass media, and political correction to ‘teach us what to think’ rather than observation of natural causes and effects. We don’t observe reality, analyze the facts, and draw our own conclusions, we simply Google the answer or pay to attend an institution that lays everything out in a point-form curriculum. We OBEY the RULES.

We are bombarded with information, opinions, and celebrity role models to tell us how to act, what to think, and who to believe. It has become very difficult to get to the TRUTH, or even to know where to start looking.

Cognitive dissonance is “the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioural decisions and attitude change” (Google). Many people today suffer from this because what we see on TV and in society appears to be some kind of ‘matrix’, a system that is somehow hyper-realistic and yet disillusioning at the same time. It’s hard to act consistently in a world that seems to have so many shades of grey, so many conflicting choices…

We constantly compare our own lives against what is held up as the ‘norm’ or ideal. Women try to look like magazine pictures, we watch reality TV and think that our lives are somehow inferior or ‘unreal’, we use technology to give us freedom from a desk but keep our cell phones in our hands at all times, and we click to change our Facebook picture to include the image of the French flag but share articles about how ‘war is bad’. It’s all so confusing!

In the age where pop culture has replaced kultura, we have religion, rap lyrics, Hollywood movies, and celebrity sex scandals to paint our picture of LOVE rather than trusting our INSTINCT. We don’t wonder why so many people don’t believe in love – they don’t have many real examples to observe. Lovers cheat, marriages fail, and friends drift apart – that’s just life, right? Or else it seems like we’re doing everything wrong and we feel guilty, immoral, and ashamed about our behaviour because we didn’t OBEY the RULES.

When our realities fall short of our ideals, we are disappointed (fear). When our realities exceed our expectations, we love this! When our PERCEPTION of reality is created by mass media and pop culture, rather than by something much more honest, reliable, and realistic, like physical proof from nature, our ideals and expectations can get blown out of proportion inducing a never-ending cycle of fear. NATURE is the place to look for TRUTH, it is where we should look to form our expectations.

The confusion we all feel today, the doubts we have about the world we live in, are due to a conflict between our instinct (nature) and our ‘social software’ (mass media, pop culture, political correction).

Our instincts guide us in terms of pain vs pleasure. We have a ‘fight or flight’ survival instinct and a natural motivation to form unions (societies, connections, families), to LOVE, in order to increase both pleasure and security. Finally, we have the ability to rationalize, we seek to understand. Self actualization, the highest level of enlightenment, the top of Maslow’s pyramid, nirvana, or whatever else you want to call it, comes from a personal understanding of your ‘self’ and your place and role in the universe, as a part of all other things. Ego ceases to exist; it is a state of pure, eternal bliss.

Our social software guides us in a different way. We have RULES to OBEY. We have religion, law, pop culture, and political correction to consider before we say or do anything! It’s all so much more confusing than a simple assessment of pleasure vs pain!

Consciousness is a bigger understanding of your self, your relationships, and the world around you. You have free choice; you can either choose to look for this understanding in nature or you can try to find it in a book, online, or on TV – but it’s hard to find an answer when you don’t know what the question is.

In order to achieve bigger consciousness, you have to start to understand the TRUTH of the matter, to see REALITY for what it really is. You must observe the world around you and use your instinct and reason to perform your own analysis and draw your own conclusions. This is why LOVE is the answer to motivate humans to save nature.

When you have deeper understanding of REALITY, of NATURE, you have more consciousness and less confusion – you feel less fear and more love. Trust your instinct, it is your link with nature – your own nature. Pay attention to your sensations (pain vs pleasure), and try to notice and observe them. We think if everyone started to understand that PLEASURE is GOOD, the world would be a sexier place! 😉

7 more days until we blow your minds with our message of PEACE and LOVE.

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