We know, but do you know that we know? We don’t think that you know that we know, and we know you don’t know.

As a society we say we VALUE freedom, democracy, individuality, diversity, respect, knowledge, and justice. Here at SexiLeaks, we value PEACE and LOVE, we wonder if you do as well.

VIRTUES are the QUALITIES (ex: patience) you must possess in order to reach something of value. Therefore, we cannot say that ‘we value freedom because we like being free’, we must say ‘we are … (ex: brave, honest, responsible, etc) because we value freedom’.  

We wonder, do you think our society is virtuous? Are we ACTING in a way that will allow us to honestly say that we possess the qualities and characteristics that are necessary to achieve PEACE? If someone honestly values PEACE, they must practise the virtues, the BEHAVIOURS, required to ACHIEVE it.

Otherwise it’s like saying you value your health but continuing to smoke cigarettes, eat junk food, and avoid exercise. This is congitive dissonance and it gets you nowhere.
It’s time to check if your virtues are aligned with your values, if your actions are aligned with your goals.

We see you watching us. Everyday when we release our posts they are seen by hundreds of people – around 1000 many days! But only looking at the pictures isn’t enough. If you really value PEACE, it’s time to take ACTION!

We want to KNOW how many of us there REALLY are because, like we’ve said from the beginning, we want to change this world but we can’t do it alone. We want to do this TOGETHER, with all of you – with the people who have already liked our page and those who are only silently observing the posts, judging, and waiting for benefit without putting in any effort. L.I.F.E. Isn’t. F*cking. Easy.

We are not selling anything or trying to build fame. Our goal is PEACE, and we need to involve as many people as possible as quickly as possible. We are asking for an act of faith, of trust – things that most people in this world are too jaded to still believe in the value of. TRUST your INSTINCT, give PEACE a chance. We need your help, we need your ACTION!

We have a task for you:

1. Go to http://www.facebook.com/SexiLeaks (our page) and hit ‘Like’ if you have not already done so – this will allow you to receive our daily messages in your newsfeed.

2. Check out all the posts on our page and share your favourite message on your wall from our page. It’s a good opportunity to catch up on any days you may have missed – you want to be all caught up before Dec 8!

3. Try to engage as many people as possible with your ACTION – TRUST us, it’s not as easy as it looks. TALK to your roommates or colleagues, TAG some friends on a post you share, or use the button marked ‘INVITE’ on our page.

It’s that simple!

We have published a few of our current stats in the pictures accompanying this post on Facebook. After a few days we’ll post the results to see what the power of TRUTH, COMMUNICATION, and LOVE can really achieve!

We want PEACE – no more sending troops into battle. This is a different kind of ‘war’, where COLLECTIVE MIND, LOVE, and UNITY are the ‘weapons’ and PEACE is the goal.

This is your mission, if you choose to accept it. Are you ready for this?

6 days left. We wonder if you are willing to take the first step, the first ACTION necessary for PEACE. Be BRAVE, spread some LOVE, JOIN US.

Much love,