It has been 1 week since we posted our video and yesterday we received the first comment. We wonder, do you already understand this well enough to not need to discuss it any further, or do you feel fear and shame about joining a discussion that you think is related to sex?

We wonder, do you already understand everything about bullying, harassment, assault, home violence, dependence, broken human relationships, frustration, shopaholism, poor health, GM food, etc. and how they are all related? If you do, we wonder why we still live in a world with these kinds of issues. We wonder why you haven’t tried to share your understanding with others.

If you don’t already understand everything, we wonder why you haven’t posed any questions. We wonder if you are happy with everything just the way it is. We wonder if you feel there is something missing but simply don’t know how to describe it. We wonder if you can feel this at all.

The New Age of Enlightenment

It has been 7 months since we first started making these connections and we have discussed them endlessly. We realized that, even though we had learned something about sex, we were able to understand and discuss a huge range of other subjects.

We are not offering any new knowledge but simply a new perspective that can help create understanding about the reality of the world we live in. This is about SO MUCH MORE THAN SEX!

Our new consciousness about how our bodies work, and more importantly our QUESTIONS about why this knowledge is not common, gave us new perspective about the concepts of domination, aggression, control, and manipulation. Ignorance is not bliss, it is weakness. Those who understand this will continue to exploit the rest of us until we WAKE UP and realize how we are vulnerable – through control and manipulation of our access to real pleasure and satisfaction.

Now we are able to understand micro-scale issues, personal issues, like bullying and harassment, home violence, mental and physical health problems, and how everything is related to self-esteem and social acceptance (LOVE). We are also able to understand macro-scale issues like religion, the economy, politics, and war vs PEACE.

Actually, from our new perspective, we are able to understand more about any daily issue: cultural differences, the dynamics of human relationships, psychology, and philosophy. We are also able to understand and appreciate the real message behind the books we read, the songs we hear, and the art we observe. We feel totally enlightened, like we understand what it means to be ‘illuminati’.

We wonder, have you been able to relate this new information to any parts of your life that you had previously not fully understood?

Shock Doctrine

It is said that in order to MOTIVATE people to change their usual behaviour, you have to SHOCK them. Normally, we are subjected to constant shocks of fear – war, financial crisis, stress, sensory deprivation, and confusion about whether to follow our instinct or our ‘social software’. We want to share what we found out because the POSITIVE SHOCK it created in our lives was huge.

Our dream is to motivate humanity to change their behaviour with a SHOCK of LOVE – new feeling, experience, and understanding about what it means to ‘already have everything we need inside of us’. We want to offer proof for the consciousness that we are capable of getting anything we need or want using just the power of our minds, especially our collective mind. We don’t need to be afraid, LOVE is the ANSWER and, TOGETHER, nothing is impossible.

Many of you may still be confused about what you can do with this information, how you can apply it in your own life. The first step, the first ACTION, you can take is to start to consider and QUESTION, with consciousness, how and why we feel the way we do and why there is conflict between our instinct and desire and our social rules.

To be conscious of something we must be aware that it exists. We must reactivate our instinct and desire and give them the respect they deserve rather than simply following the rules of society, especially when the rules instruct us to act against ourselves. It’s time to TURN ON the 90% of our brain that we are not currently using.

When we realize that the only choice is not between bad and worse, that there is a third option, that BETTER IS POSSIBLE, we give ourselves permission to DREAM, to IMAGINE, to go after the good things in life.

Step 1: TURN ON your instinct, your motivation, and your desire. RESPECT yourself and your feelings.

Step 2: LET YOUR CONSCIENCE BE YOUR GUIDE. Listen to your instinct and trust your feelings, don’t simply OBEY the rules.

Step 3: QUESTION existence, conflict, and what you have been told is not possible. Don’t simply accept confusion. Pose questions about the parts of society and your life that leave you feeling powerless, unhealthy, and alone. You may find that other people are wondering the same things you are.

Step 4: SHARE this message, JOIN the discussion on the SexiLeaks Facebook page, and INVITE your friends to do the same. We can change this world but we have to do it TOGETHER.

IMAGINE, a world full of happy people, united and balanced between men and women, between all of us.

We’ll be back next week. In the meantime, I’d like to leave you with a quote from Jay Z’s song ‘Heaven’:

“Arm, leg, leg, arm, head – this is GOD’s body. Knowledge, wisdom, freedom, understanding – we just want our equality. Food, clothing, shelter – help a nigga find some PEACE. Happiness for a gangsta, ain’t no LOVE in the streets. Conspiracy theorist screaming Illuminati, they can’t believe this much skill is in the human body. He’s 6’2, how the f*ck he fit in a new Bugatti? Aw, f*ck it you got me. QUESTION RELIGION, question it all. Question existence until them questions are solved.”

Much love,