Hi guys. I want to offer you a Man’s perspective because I feel that you are confused by this concept, that you don’t understand how the mystery of the female orgasm is related to world peace, or how this ‘trick’ affects our life. Before we can discover how, we have to ask why there is mystery in the first place.

It is not that we ‘discovered’ squirt and that our exhibitionism pushed us, as a couple, to create some sick theory that we wanted to share with the world to satisfy some perverse sexual desire. It’s not that in our ‘naive happiness’ we completely lost our ability to judge what is what – what is good and what is bad – and that in the throes of orgasm we announced to the world on Facebook that we ‘finally have good sex’ and ‘used’ our friends and acquaintances to publicize it.

We simply discovered how sharing our past experiences led us to understand something more about how this world really works. This is about so much more than sex!

Maybe this sounds crazy to you but it is not a theory, facts have pushed us to this action. We realized that the limited knowledge about female ejaculation is unjust, unfair, and unworthy of ‘real men’.

We ‘live’ bound in stocks under a guillotine; our actions and decisions are guided by fear because of an uncertain economy, lack of prospects for the future, and the daily humiliation we suffer at the hands of our governments and politicians who are only puppets that don’t actually work for us or even themselves but for some faceless corporation, the highest bidder. We never have the choice between good and bad, only between bad and worse. We are afraid to make any small mistake or act unpredictably.

We sacrifice our spiritual life and deal with the resulting pain in our soul. We act against ourselves and we choose to accept it. We believe that true love only exists in romantic comedy movies. We assume that love and respect is reserved only for those who have money and that for the rest of us, love is weakness.

We ‘live’, rather vegetate, only to ‘survive’, to obey and pay taxes. We were trained to accept the idea that freedom is an illusion and so we demand to be controlled. We ask to be told how to live, what to eat, with whom and how to make love, where we can go and for how long, what we should think, and what we are allowed to think. We are segregated and labelled and, depending on the label, we are sorted into different ranks, classes, of people. DO YOU NOT FEEL THIS???

Do you not feel that this ‘GM Organized life’ doesn’t give us any satisfaction as people, just like plastic GM foods don’t satisfy our needs even though they look great. The water we drink and the air we breathe poison us! Our basic needs, including our need for love, are brutally repressed and as a consequence we reject our ideals and our dreams in favour of accepting compromise: ‘if you give me a blow job, I’ll f*ck you’. Our relationships, too, have become ‘plastic’, artificial, and mainly motivated by cash. DO YOU REALLY NOT FEEL THIS???

Perhaps you don’t, not anymore, maybe because you have already lost the ability to feel anything except fear of the unknown. Even our love-lives have become plastic and, because we don’t feel it, we replace our craving for real love with other cheap pleasures, other excitement. Perhaps our pain is already that big that we cannot handle any more, even the pain of thinking about our pain.

—Commercial Break—

Do you feel that life has got you down, beat, and you just can’t handle any more? We have a solution for you! For only X monthly payments of $XXX.99 you can feel good again!

—End of Commercial Break—

Or, if that doesn’t work, you can find happiness in a bottle of pills, or liquor, or the arms of some nameless, faceless girl, right? You can poison and medicate yourself until the end of your life but this pain will never go away.

We felt this and we decided to do something about it, we have taken action. We are trying to explain something that is based on our instinct and common experience, endless talks, understanding, trust, respect, and love. We understood something and we shared it with our friends.

I will never forget the first time we time we spoke about this in person with our friends, a couple. They had skepticism and disbelief all over their faces and they said our concept sounded crazy to them. At our next meeting though, some time later, it was like we were meeting with new people – they were shiny, glowing, and so appreciative. They had light in their eyes and they acknowledged that this information had REALLY changed their life for the better.

That result was always the same – not just once or twice but with everyone we spoke to. Maybe you think that we have weird friends, narrow-minded or of questionable character, but they are all people just like you except maybe with more travel experience – more time seeing the world and less time spent in the office in front of a computer.

Ah, maybe this is the key to their ‘ignorance’: they didn’t already know about this because they are ‘wasting’ their time gallivanting around the world while you are ‘hard at work’ and plugged in. You already knew this because, while you’re at work, you spend time on the internet Googling everything, so you know about everything as it happens.

And then what guys? Did you share this knowledge with your partner, girlfriend, wife, lover, or that nameless, faceless girl from the bar? Or did you just experiment on her and keep what you learned to yourself so that you could use your ‘secret’ knowledge to control her? Yes, it’s ‘normal’, if you acquire some ‘competitive advantage’, to keep it and use it for your own success, to elevate yourself to a higher rank, class, above the frustrated losers and stupid whores.

But this phenomenon is not a competitive advantage to be used to elevate your own status at the expense of others in your personal business. This is real life and it is a life in which we are all suffering from a serious deficit of pleasure due to the power that a few people have over others, power they take from understanding how to control sexuality.

What pleasure your ‘cleverness’ must bring you! To feel so high and mighty even though you climbed to your elevation on the backs of those you left behind, enslaved by ignorance. Do you think your advantage would have been reduced if you had shared this knowledge, this access to pleasure? Maybe you are the pervert! What self-esteem you must have, what concern for humanity! Congratulations on your ‘success’…

No thing is inherently bad or good, only the intention with which we use it.

Have you ever heard of a woman being sexually frustrated? Of course I’m not asking about any of your past lovers – I know, you could always do better for them, or at least as good, as any other f*cker. You know everything about women but you ‘signed a pact with the devil’, secrecy in exchange for power, so you can’t discuss this with anyone, not even your best friend.

With what you know you have the power to get any girl you want – you could open a yoni massage centre… because you know how to give women something they are craving. So no worries for your best friend because, either way, his girlfriend will be happy, right?

And so we don’t have to look as far as we thought to find our ‘superiors’, our oppressors. Everyone has their own ‘they’.

This ignorance is not irrelevant to the balance of power between men and women in this world. The lack of knowledge among men (widespread!) and more importantly among women (even more widespread!!!) reduces girls to the role of a sexual object because some men have control over satisfying their instinctive needs, such as their need for orgasm.  As a result, all human relationships are turbulent and deeply pathological because this ignorance creates a system of dominators and slaves – there is no place for love.

I’ve heard this many times: ‘I don’t care about her motivation – she can respect me or fear losing me, it’s her problem, I don’t care.’  WHAT’S WRONG WITH US, GUYS?!

We’ll try to explain how this works. If a guy knows how to give a woman ‘THAT’ orgasm and she thinks that she is dependent on him to get it, he can treat her the same way a pimp treats a prostitute who he supplies with ‘free’ heroin – however he wants. The girl feels addicted physically but in fact she is controlled psychologically because she doesn’t understand how she can continue her physical addiction independently of where she gets her fix.

This behaviour is barbaric and no different, and perhaps even worse, than giving a girl a drink with a date rape drug in it or waiting until she is blackout drunk because if the girl is drunk or drugged and raped, at least she realizes she was a victim. This kind of man feels no shame about using girls and then just throwing them out the door because they are just ‘stupid sluts’ so it’s not his problem. She has to deal with this issue by herself, even though she is a victim, and those who are really at fault never have to take responsibility, they go unpunished.

If, as a man, you can give her THAT orgasm in the context of her lack of understanding, her ‘ignorance’, about her own body – because nobody told her and she doesn’t know which questions to ask to to find out what is controlling her sexual behaviour – you can be sure that she will return to politely beg and desperately bargain for more. They always come back, right? She thinks she’s Little Miss Independent but she just can’t stay away…

Do you see any difference between a guy who uses this knowledge and a pimp who uses heroin to control a girl? For me, the difference is not too big.

This is a ‘man’s world’, it’s a fact, but that means that men, real men, have the power to change it. It’s your choice: will you share this knowledge or keep it to yourself to take control over those around you? Will you choose to dominate others or remain enslaved by your ignorance? John Lennon suggested a third option: ‘a Working Class Hero is something to be’.

It’s time for freedom but freedom is responsibility. It’s time to Man Up. We can change this world but we have to do it together, with our women.

See you next week. Much love,

PS: Enjoy this video. Watch her but focus on what she’s saying: