Hi Ladies, we hope you have been enjoying yourselves lately, that it has been a happy holiday season 😉

Whether you are just starting to understand the bigger picture of what we are trying to express or you are just starting to feel the benefits of this knowledge, no worries, you have at least started feel and FIND YOUR WAY.

We understand that, naturally, you have a lot of questions, or even objections. We are not certified sexperts in any way and our goal is not to describe the mechanics of a physical process in detail, although I will include some links at the bottom of this post on where you can start looking for that kind of information. We are trying to describe a much broader philosophy about life based on the mystery surrounding the female orgasm. The more you feel it, the more you know, but first you have to start to feel…

Tiny Bladder?

You know that feeling when, even though you haven’t drinken anything, you have to go pee like 25 times per day? And another 4-5 at night? And those days you feel like you could chug water endlessly out of your eco-friendly reusable bottle and you don’t even mind how much you have to go pee because it’s coming out clear so you feel like you’re cleansing yourself?

How about, sometimes, when you first wake up in the morning and you kind of have to go pee but it kind of feels good and you just want to lie there and feel like you have to go pee for a while? And what about those times when you’re out on a date and your male counterpart has had 3 pints to your 1.5 and you’ve made 3 trips to the toilet compared to his 1, maybe.

It’s not pee. This is your body turned on, sexually excited, partially stimulated, physically responding, and sending messages to the rest of your body through your brain. This is how lack of understanding about your own body can make you feel like you’ve lost your mind.

Pissed Off?

We’re not trying to say that you have to ‘squirt’ or ejaculate in order to feel pleasure or even orgasm during sex, we just see a problem if girls are not aware that they are missing something. If you feel that it’s ‘too messy’ or undesirable in any other way and you would prefer to continue to simply ‘go pee’ after sex the same way you always have, no problem, that’s your free choice. But, like we said in the video, there is more you need to know.

Girls often have the reputation of being ‘hormonal’ or emotional, irradic, unreasonable, irrational, mercurial, even untrustworthy. Feminists will tell you, however, that women are just as capable as men and maybe even smarter, more responsible, ethical, and effective than men in the same position given the same support. Those feminists though, the ones saying that they are equal to men, are the same ones who are in the bars looking to be picked up by men that they see as having huge personal power, equal to their own, and using their endless list of failed relationships to fuel their hateful competition against the other gender.

It simply becomes a case of who can f*ck the other better – the bad boys or the bad bitches? Nothing about the modern ‘sex game’ ever seemed smart, responsible, or ethical, to me; I do remember it being hormonal, emotional, irradic, unreasonable, and irrational though, and I don’t remember too much trust.

The reason that it’s a man’s world is because men have the upper hand in the ‘sex game’. We ladies think we have the upper hand, prancing around looking gorgeous and f*ckable, restraining our sexual buildup until we finally get the attention of the guy ‘we chose’ and then giving our body over to him in hopes that he’ll know enough about life to know what to do with it. We don’t realize, just at that moment, that we don’t know enough to explain it to him either. We might end up ‘on top’ but the guys just observe us, waiting until they sense that we’ve reached that critical moment of uncontrollable desire (horniness), and then they just smile at us and watch us fall. I’m not sure who really ‘wins’.

Getting Lucky

At best, we’re one of those ‘lucky’ ones with natural predisposition and ability to orgasm, we have a clear path to our goal and we know exactly how to get there, with or without his help. But explain to him how to participate…that’s really difficult. Trust me, I’ve tried.

“There’s a spot… no, deeper, deeper! Ok then more shallow, I don’t know! Wherever you just were 5 seconds ago. Ok yeah, there. A bit harder…ow! Not so hard! Ok, try to touch the outside a bit, I like when you touch the outside…ok now go in!” Maybe you’ve had a similar conversation at some point in your life?

It’s very difficult to discribe something you don’t know exists. It can feel like you’re trying to announce live sports and the match is on inside you. Try to do that while also relaxing. Even worse though, is that without greater consciousness of what’s really going on in our body, women often delay sexual satisfaction, sometimes indefinitely, because they don’t understand how to release themselves sexually – it’s not pee!

This prolongued ‘pissing off’ of yourself definitely leads to fluctuations in your mental and emotional state and effects your physical health as well. They say ‘an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away’, but they never tell you how to have one!

The guys who don’t know about this are left frustrated as well. Imagine, he finally gets THAT girl to go on a date with him, he spends money he doesn’t have on a fancy restaurant and wine, tries to be a gentleman even through her 25 trips to the toilet, finally gets back to her place, or his, and then, just as he’s ready to start ripping off her clothes, she scurries away to go pee one more time and comes back noticeably less excited. Do you understand the confusion, and maybe even aggression, this could cause?

He knows that he can eventually make himself good but he’s probably thinking about her pleasure a lot less if he feels like she’s toying with access to his. This is when ‘mind games’ starts to have a negative connotation.

Moreover some women may start to feel like sex is expected as payment for a night out because, even though she was open for sex to start with, at a moment when her sexual energy is lowest (after going ‘pee’) is when the guy seems to push for sex the most. The girl can either sacrifice herself for some other benefit – the night out, a relationship with that guy, money/gifts/other privileges – or, with a truly open mind for sex, begin, maybe even before she feels ready, and leave half way through to go pee again. Or maybe the guy finishes because of how much further along in the process he is than her.

It takes time to fill up again, the same way it takes some time and effort to bring a guy back up, but if you are unknowingly working against his efforts – and your own – and pissing yourself and him off, at some point the guy is going to become less forgiving and just want to finish, maybe before you’ve had time to fill up again. It doesn’t end with a good feeling for anybody.

As long as men have the upper hand sexually, with full knowledge of how to satisfy themselves, they have true free choice in life while women remain enslaved by their emotions, their sexuality, their ignornance. To understand this you only have to think of the typical Friday night bar scene.

Bar Stars

All the guys, having put minimal effort into their appearanace, are standing cooly around the perimeter observing all the girls. All the girls, decorated from head to toe, painted face, dancing (did you catch our John & Yoko reference there??), are hoping to catch the attention of the most eligible bachelor in the room, hoping against all hope that he will be the man of her dreams, at least for the night.

As the night goes on, the most eligible bachelor makes his choice and exits the establishment, then the second-most eligible guys start to make their selections and leave, and so on and so forth until all the girls have been selected. Those girls who do remain are left feeling unworthy and emotionally devasted, making them an easier target for one of the guys who wasn’t able to win over his earlier selection.

Most of the girls will end up disappointed, either because the sex was bad, the guy was an ass, or both. Most of the guys, all of the ones who left with someone, will consider the night a success because, in the very worst case, he can at least jerk off and brag to his friends that something more happened.

Girls recover with retail therapy in preparation for a Saturday night repeat.

Nice girls, ‘good girls’, the ones who should normally have ‘first choice’ in the bar scene described above, sit alone at home feeling lonely and wondering if there is something wrong with them. They feel more classy and interesting than the ‘stupid bar sluts’ but nobody ever notices them because they are fully clothed, sober, able to have an intelligent conversation, and not dancing on display at the local watering hole every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, right ladies? But where else are you supposed to meet a guy?

The right guy is out there, but in the meantime you can save yourself the humiliation of the drunken weekend rituals and start to see potential partners in other places. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself to some bar-star ass just because you expect that at least the sex will be good. Instead, you can entertain the idea of a respectful relationship with a guy you actually like and you will have the assurance that you will also be able to have good sex together – because you’ll be able to explain it to him. This is the power of knowledge and understanding, of being able to describe truth and understand someone else’s with love.

Did You Know…?

We said there was something else you had to know. With some understanding about your body it is also possible to block your ejaculation causing you huge frustration and emotional response. Nothing is inherently good or bad – you can also use this knowledge as a technique to bring yourself to higher heights of pleasure but first you have to know it exists.

The urethra, the pipe that comes out from the bladder, (where the ‘squirt’ comes out) is just on top of the vagina. From just inside the vagina, by pressing up, you can close this tube so no liquid can escape. During intercourse pressure may also be put on this tube and accidentally block (or at least provoke the holding of) ejaculation. I recommend you, and your partner if you have one, try this out with your fingers so you can feel what’s going on and then you can translate what you learn to other areas of your sex life – actually your whole life!

The more you experiment, the more you’ll find out. Just enjoy. If it helps you, you can even think of it like part of your daily exercise or healthcare routine – like yoga or meditation. You’re getting to know your body and what you find out may shock you you but it is neither good nor bad. Knowledge is power, and I guarantee this will blow your mind!

I said I would include some links to other places where you can start looking for information (although everything you need is already inside you!) so here they are:

An article on Alternet, republished by Salon (contains other links you can look at as well): The ‘Secret’ to Female Ejaculation: How All Women Can Experience It

An article from the Sexual Health section of everydayhealth.com: The Truth about Female Ejaculation

As you can see, this information is nothing new even if it is new to you – and that’s the most important part! When we found out about the reality of how this works we asked ourselves why we had never known or understood it before and the answer made us realize something shocking. With new perspective and understanding we gained consciousness about the bigger picture of how this world really works – this is about so much more than sex! But we have time, we’ll get there…

Thanks for joining us this week, we hope you are enjoying your holiday season. Stay safe and healthy this new year’s eve, we’re sending out positive vibes to you.

Until next week, much love.