War and Pees

How is it possible that a fundamental lack of understanding about human sexuality has lasted for so long, for so many generations?

What kind of social software must we be programmed with, or what magnitude of cognitive dissonance must we be suffering from, to resist and reject integrating this knowledge into the mainstream; why is the natural completion of the female’s sexual experience relegated to some niche, perverted, porn site category?

Why do most girls not make the connection between having to ‘pee’ non-stop and their sexuality? Why do they never question their frequent trips to the toilet during the night (even though they didn’t drink anything before bed), their immediate need to ‘pee’ on long bus or car trips (after they relax into those nice gentle vibrations), or their urge to go during sex which totally ruins the moment? Do you ever notice, ladies, that you are not quite as turned on when you get back as when you left?

We’re sure you know these situations ladies – the clear ‘pees’, the frequent night waterfalls, and the moment when you have just come back from a date, ready to rip each other’s clothes off, but first you ‘just need 2 seconds, you’ll be right back, you just have to use the washroom’.

Why do most people, even those that understand the sexual mechanics of it all, not understand the connection between the suppression of sexuality, the misinformation about female ejaculation being described as ‘pee’, and world peace.

Sex and Peace

We’re not trying to say that female ejaculation can win against guns. We are saying that people who understand more about themselves and reality have better ability to make decisions. We are saying that if you go your whole life believing something that is a full-out lie (like thinking your ejaculate is urine) you are predisposed to making a lifetime of decisions that act against your best interest, or, at least, you are predisposed to ignoring options that can bring you great benefit.  People are working against themselves because they don’t understand what it is they really need or want. We have lost our ability to accurately judge reality.

There are many half-truths and illusions that we are subject to – that our government acts in our best interest, that big companies produce products that won’t harm us, and that priests can offer us salvation on behalf of GOD. There have always been people who have seen through these myths, who have a more clear understanding of reality, but that has usually come after they became privy to some previously unknown fact or some ‘secret’ information.

The mystery of the female orgasm, like just any other myth, is and has been secure because of the secrecy, taboo, guilt, and insecurity that surrounds it. Add onto that the deeply personal feelings of shame and immorality and you have a veritable safe – Pandora’s Box.

The broken connection between our anatomical processes and our sexuality is not symptomatic but rather the cause of the broken human relationships we suffer from on all levels of humanity as well as of our failure to make connections between other things that are in fact linked. We suffer from cognitive dissonance and we act against ourselves as long as it feels good at the moment; we live in a world of instant gratification.

Our body has been divorced from our mind and spirit, in the same way our spiritual life was removed from our control to the realm of religion and our physical security and freedom was put into the hands of our governments. For our mental ‘health’ (or distraction or excitement) we have corporations that employ us and produce items and experiences that we use our wages to consume because we enjoy them, they give us ‘pleasure’, even if it’s empty pleasure that lasts only for a fleeting moment, worse if it is actually something extremely harmful disguised as something lovely.

We live like hamsters on a wheel, in the rat race, with the perfect mix of inputs to keep us the right level of productive and sedated; active enough to stay alive but docile enough not to fight for our freedom. We live a passive life.

Peace and Love

Exactly what we are trying to say is: the war in the world today is a war on love, on passion, on pleasure – real pleasure – and on human relationships. Through desensitization, inflation of false expectations, preying on our ignorance, and manipulation we are kept scared and alone, alone and scared. Conquer and divide.

Love is the answer because we have to realize that it is us, people, doing this to each other. There is no one man behind the curtain, no alien group controlling us, and, if any, only 1 GOD which bestowed upon us the theoretical capacity for rational, intelligent thought and the ability to act on choice rather than only instinct. But there are rulers and ‘priests’, bankers and soldiers, doctors and lawyers. We can choose love but it is in our human nature to first seek to know how living in a state of love would serve us – What’s in it for me?, we ask. 

We, the people, must start to wake up to the truth of reality in order to take a more active role in shaping our destiny – if we truly still care enough to do so. We must start to analyze and question what we have always accepted as fact as we are faced with new information; we must accept the shattering of our illusions.

The reality of war in the world today is that it is probably not for oil but for water and it is definitely based on a religious pretext. The suppression of this knowledge about female orgasm is directly related to both of those things.

If someone believes they do not have access to sexual gratification, or pleasure, or believes it is a sinful pursuit, they will forever lust, hunger, and chase something else (like money, power, marriage, or babies), not to mention they will feel much less able to make deep and lasting connections with others (for example they might hold the belief that a spouse will definitely cheat in the future or feel threatened by those they perceive as more attractive or confident than themselves and therefore avoid loving, platonic relationships with those people). Here again we see how the tendency for dominator – victim, or ‘reacher’ – ‘settler’, relationships is created, and how human connections are disturbed.

Jealousy, greed, and broken human relationships prevail because people assume they are less than perfect, incomplete – unworthy of love since they cannot ever seem to get any, and maybe even never have. People desperately follow whatever rules are dictated to them in hopes that, eventually, they’ll have ‘deserved’ what they never should have had to beg or barter for in the first place. 

Truth and Freedom

We have only the illusion of free choice in this life because we don’t know the truth. We are constantly chasing some mirage of ‘more’, living with the belief that if only we could _____ then we would be able to _____. We do not realize, truly realize, that we already have everything we need inside ourselves and also that nothing is inherently good or bad – they are only positions of perspective. We do not need to work more to buy more to realize that material things and money do not bring happiness, we need to realize that love is the answer and to defend our human rights of free choice and love. We need to learn to understand what love really is and how to access it, fully.

Free choice can only exist if someone is aware of reality, of the facts. If a person lives under illusion then their choices are based on non-truths and therefore they can be manipulated by whoever supplies them with their information.

If people are able to relate the bigger picture of reality to something that impacts their immediate life then abstract things will become more real. If people start to JOIN together to share knowledge and experience and to build understanding about the bigger picture of reality then we can all start to access new freedom – freedom from illusion – and power – the power of the collective mind and consciousness.

If we can start to feel how we are vulnerable to manipulation, if we start to take conclusion and ask questions, and if we start to fear less and love more, to seek to understand that the only thing we have to change is our mind, then we will all be better off, together.

As above, so below. We are all 1. Love is the Answer. Peace on Earth.

Love is the answer but sex is the ultimate unifier because we can use it as a base example to promote understanding and assuage fear about any other issue, because everything is connected. War and peace, water and oil, food and health, sex and love, happiness and freedom, mind and body, spirit and soul; no more broken connections.

Stay with us as we start to move deeper into these issues. We hope you have started to feel this, or at least identify some points of familiarity in your own life.

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