This is a man’s world, don’t you think?

Men are stronger, hold more positions of power, and have more opportunities. Not to mention, they are able to independently satisfy themselves sexually (through masturbation) while most women believe they require a man for sexual satisfaction (orgasm).

But those points are somewhat subjective. Let’s look at some facts.

Male vs Female Orgasm

Official figures (such as this ridiculous article from ABC news) suggest that as many as 75% of women have never, do not, or cannot regularly achieve orgasm during intercourse. If that is the case, what is ‘normal’ – the majority? Apparently so.

Have we, as a society, accepted that it is ‘normal’ for the majority of women to go unsatisfied from sex – an activity which it seems should be mutually satisfying but which only is for some women/couples? Is it ‘normal’ to live in eternal frustration? To exist solely for the purpose of ‘getting f*cked’ and having babies for the men that f*ck you? To f*ck someone you ‘love’ without caring about whether they are satisfied because you don’t believe they can be?

Dr. Hebernick strikes (out) again – to read more of her work, check out our post Hookups and Letdowns

These statistics mean that as few as 25% of women understand their sexuality well enough to take pleasure and satisfaction from intercourse. They are the minority, the ‘abnormal’ ones, yet they are regarded as lucky (although perhaps secretly) by the ‘normal’ majority. And all this without a clear definition of what the female orgasm actually is from the people who are publishing these statistics, not to mention that strange category of girls who answer that they are ‘not sure’ if they have ever reached climax – or the even more strange category of women who are told that they may in fact be having orgasms but are just not aware of it.

Confused? It kind of makes you wonder if ‘normal’ is ‘good’. It kind of makes you wonder if maybe you’re missing something. We wonder how many of these 25% are the ‘squirters’ from those porn videos we’re all too ashamed to admit we watch, or, more generally, are women who are too shy or ashamed about their sexuality (or perhaps the number of partners it took for them to gain their special skill) to discuss it openly with other women.

Recently, Cosmo published new data that suggested the percentage of women who reach climax with a partner is actually higher than 50% and around 75% for women in lesbian relationships, but that is still very low compared to the 95% success rate of their male partners.

We wonder, is the disparity of these statistics precisely due to the fact that women in general, as well as men, do not understand the mechanics of the female sexual cycle, including female ejaculation? We wonder if the reason why some women find it easier to climax from oral sex rather than penetration, and thus why lesbians have a higher reported success rate, is not because of the increased clitoral stimulation but rather from a lack of understanding about female anatomy, the location of the underside of the urethra, and the lack of understanding that it’s not pee‘?

Feminists can’t tell you why a penis is not required. We wonder if the lesbians understand the Bigger Picture…

Of course, there is at least one upside to all these facts and figures – hope (we hope you sense our sarcasm here). Female readers of these statics who are not currently sexually fulfilled can at least feel hope that there is something more, that there is something they are missing but that perhaps it will be possible for them to find their way. We think that sounds more frustrating than hopeful. We wonder how long these ladies stick with it, how long before they lose interest in sex altogether – or how long before they start to expect something else as ‘payment’ for sex since they’re not getting any satisfaction out of it.

Unfortunately there still is not too much in the way of a description about what it is that women should be looking for when it comes to orgasm, or how to get it. All these poor ladies are left with is a feeling that they should keep trying, that they should keep allowing themselves to ‘get f*cked’ in hopes that one day they’ll figure out what they were doing wrong – or, they hope, they’ll find the right man who will be able to do it for them.

Men on the other hand have access to their own orgasm very easily – both alone and with a partner – precisely because they know what they are looking for and how to get it. Moreover, they also have the aforementioned statistics in their head letting them off the hook when it comes to caring about their partner’s pleasure. They can always rationalize that she was just not ‘one of those girls that has orgasms’.  


Men who do care about their partner and who are able to apply their personal understanding about human sexuality to their female counterparts may eventually learn about the mechanics of female ejaculation and start to understand the mystery female orgasm but if they reach that level of proficiency, they are sure to keep the ‘secret’ because it elevates their own personal status and access to girls. It’s a vicious, never-ending cycle precisely because it’s the men who hold key positions of power in all areas of life – politics, religion, business and finance, health care, education, the media, and the legal system, just to name a few.

It’s a Man’s World because the Old Boys Club has got all the women on a short leash precisely because of what they know how to do with their little finger – and all the other men in chains, desperately hoping and ready to sell their soul to learn the secret of how the Old Boys reached their position of power.

The War of the Sexes: Domination vs Dependence

Of course there may be some men who will say that it is a woman’s own fault, that it’s because she was simply too stupid to learn about her own body and how to satisfy her own needs (and not only sexual needs) so it’s only natural that men who are able to satisfy those needs for them should have control over them – including controlling them by using this understanding about human sexuality to create false needs, wants, in order to make a profit.


No guys, that’s not the truth. Women are not stupid, they have just been oppressed for many generations – under the control of men. Let’s take a moment to explain what we mean when we say women are oppressed because I’m sure there are many of you that think that women have a much easier time in life than men. After all, it’s men who have to work to support their family, who have to go to war, and who have to always keep a strong facade and stiff upper lip while the women around them are crying hysterically.

We wonder, guys, how long do you think you would last at war – or work – without the promise of, at least, orgasm. What would you have to live for? What would you have to fight for? What is worth living for in a world without pleasure, without love – money? How long could you survive, and think rationally, in a state of eternal frustration – how much money do you think you would be able to earn?

Women have been oppressed, controlled, by men for many generations – economically, politically, sexually, religiously, spiritually, physically, and mentally. We have lived a HIStory during which the primary purpose of women on this planet was to bear children and serve men, to maintain their households and raise their children. Women were not even recognized as persons in the eyes of the law until recently, not allowed to go to university and be educated, not allowed to work or vote – basically not allowed to voice an opinion or express a feeling without the permission of a man, and men did not grant this permission because they were raised (trained) to believe that women are inferior beings, not worthy of these ‘privileges’.

If you think this is feminist BS, click on one of the links above or do your own research and educate yourself – ignorance is not bliss, it’s weakness, and there’s more to this than you probably realize.

More on the importance of knowledge and its relationship to freedom and free choice next week.

Until then, much love!