Myths and Legends: Love and the Female Orgasm

Imagine: you, a man, has finally found the woman of your dreams. You have realized that love does exist and feel your life is finally complete. Now imagine that you come to learn about this ‘trick’ (understanding of female anatomy that allows you to be able to give any woman sexual satisfaction) – would you tell her so she could give this satisfaction to herself? Or would you keep this information to yourself so you could take control over her body and her mind and keep her on a short leash, well behaved and begging and desperately bargaining for more?

The power of this truth about the female orgasm is not the ability to have, or give, the orgasm itself, but to finally understand what the concept of freedom means.

Freedom and Free Choice: It’s a Matter of Knowing that Something More is Possible

They say, ‘If you love something let it go. If it comes back then you know it was always yours, if it doesn’t then you never really had it in the first place.’

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We know ‘you’ is missing the ‘y’. We hope you get the idea anyway.

Now imagine: you are with this woman of your dreams, you love her, and you are able to give her incredible sex (with this understanding). Wouldn’t you want to know if she was with you just for the sex or if she really loved you in return?

We wonder, can it really be considered love if she’s only with you to get something (sexual satisfaction) from you? It’s a similar situation to a guy who only spends money on taking a girl out so he can f*ck her at the end of the night – it all comes down to the game and who plays it better, the bad boys or the bad bitches, no room for love.

But now imagine: you discover this trick by playing with her body so you decide to tell her about it and you see the most incredible look on her face. It’s a look of happiness, wonder, and gratitude – gratitude that she is at last free. You will understand what love is when she doesn’t turn and run, never calling you again because she can now avoid getting f*cked and still have sexual satisfaction, but she instead stands by you forever as your woman. That’s what love is and that’s why love is the answer. When you learn to give love, you’ll get truth in return, and vice versa.

Free choice can only exist when you are aware of all of your options. If you are misled or uninformed about one or more avenues of possibility, you do not have true free choice, your opinion has been manipulated. Love cannot exist, therefore, unless people are aware of this information which they are lacking and the balance between male and female sexuality is restored. Love is not a business agreement or familial arrangement, love does not grow over time, and love is not a compromise or a sacrifice – love is freedom, truth, and greater than the sum of its parts.

The Economy and Double Standards: Needs vs Wants, Sluts vs Playboys

Ladies, how many things have you bought because you thought that it would make you more sexy, or help you to do an activity which would make you more sexy, or give you the image of being more sexy, or make you feel better because you think you’re not sexy enough? How many things have you bought that you didn’t actually need but you bought them anyways because you wanted something to make yourself feel better and you didn’t even really understand why you didn’t feel good in the first place?


Ladies, how many times have you done something for a man to stay in his good favour and get some of his attention because he was good looking and you felt attracted to him even though you knew, deep down, that he would not have done the same for you, that he was not attracted to you, and that you had no chance with him ever?

Ladies, how many times have you slept with someone you weren’t really attracted to because you thought you would never be able to get someone better. How many times have you done something sexual for a man that you didn’t want to do because you felt lucky to be with that ‘great’ of a guy, or with the hope that you would get the same kind of pleasure in return. How many times did you feel truly fulfilled and satisfied after one of those nights vs how many times you felt disappointed and went to the mall to engage in retail therapy? How many times was there a second night with one of those guys? An expression comes to mind: how many times have you ‘brushed (or flossed) your teeth’ (we hope you are catching the double meaning of our words there) without looking yourself in the eye?

Guys, do you think that the answers would be the same if we had asked you those questions?

Everyone – who do you think feels more shame about answering those questions truthfully?

Our economy is built on created needs, on wants, on lies and false promises. Sex sells and therefore what is held up for us as the example of sex and normal sexual relations is a purposeful lie because as long as people are craving love and sexual satisfaction, as long as they are searching for the answer – for truth – people will keep buying whatever ‘they’ try to sell as the latest, greatest solution to all our problems.

Whether it’s at the mall or at the bar, the same concept applies. Men who have this understanding don’t share what they know because satisfied women are not desperate which means they make better, more rational decisions. Haven’t you heard that so many marketing campaigns are directed at women because they make the majority of purchasing decisions for the family – well, women and children that is. Keeping women frustrated makes good business sense, it’s like selling candy to babies.

Nice Guys Finish Last but They Shouldn’t Have To

It’s not only the in the boardroom where guys can benefit from this ‘secret’ though, it’s in the bedroom too. How else would guys be able to freely take what they wanted from women except by playing on their hope and trading broken promises for actual benefit? Her hope keeps her alive and willing to be ‘good’ solely for the chance that one day, maybe, some guy will be able to do for her what she does for him and she will have the chance to feel the same pleasure and satisfaction that she sees on his face as he’s falling asleep and she’s running to the bathroom to go ‘pee’ and wash his ejaculate off her skin.

OK, to be fair, sometimes the lucky guys that know this information use it for ‘good’ – they satisfy their woman and she goes to sleep happy…ensuring she’ll return for more in the future and behave in the meantime. She’ll be grateful that she has access to his skills and not want to act against him, to turn him against her. Pimps and bitches, it’s all part of the game, right?

And what about the truly nice guys, the guys that don’t know anything about this, the guys that don’t do too well with the ladies even though they are smart, polite, and caring? Somehow those guys are just not too sexy. Why is it that girls always fall for the bad boys? Maybe it’s because the ‘good guys’ spent their younger years in school and church while the bad boys were out on the street, f*cking.


Eventually though, when a woman is ready to settle down, it’s probably not a bad boy that she chooses (if she chooses rather than settling due to accidental pregnancy), it’s probably a nice guy – someone that would make a good husband and father. No one expects that passion lasts in marriage so no one is disappointed when it doesn’t, right? Everyone knows that it’s totally ‘normal’ for people to cheat after many years of marriage, right? It’s just that no one ever really understands that it’s not because men are sex-crazed animals, it’s because the women lose interest in sex because they never feel satisfaction from it, only frustration. After they fulfill their ‘responsibility’ to procreate, what’s the point?

So, she’s frustrated and eventually frigid and he feels lonely and insecure about his ability as a lover. Animosity builds, family units disintegrate, love fades (if it ever truly existed in the first place), and both parties seek what they are craving elsewhere – whether it’s physical or emotional, both are considered cheating, right? Broken human relationships.

Of course men who cheat are greeted with a response of ‘obviously’. For men it’s considered natural, an uncontrollable part of their character, but women who cheat are regarded as bad mothers who don’t care about their families, as sex-crazed animals, as missing part of what is apparently uniquely feminine – the ability to deny their sexuality. After all, they’ve had generations of practise.

Women are human too, with the same needs and desires as men. The double standard exists because no one ever talks this fact and as long as we avoid the topic, men will keep f*cking and women will keep shopping. It seems like we’ll do and say anything to not have to talk about what’s really wrong with us, all of us.

Love is the Answer

Nature gave us all the ability to feel the pleasure of orgasm. Humans are one of the few creatures on this planet who are able to have sex for pleasure, not just procreation, despite what male religious leaders would like you to believe. It’s time to start understanding that unless the ability to access and enjoy this pleasure is distributed evenly between the sexes, we are all missing out, even those ‘lucky’ ones from each gender who understand a little more than others.

We hope you’re starting to catch on, to see how everything is connected and how this is about so much more than sex. Masses of zombies who lack free choice (as well as the understanding that they lack it), a war on love and the resulting broken human relationships, and an out-of-control economy are a few of the problems we face but they’re not the only ones.

John Lennon told us to IMAGINE a world with no heaven, no countries, and no possessions. And no religion too.  We wonder if you can.

Until next week, much love!