Nature and Balance; Masculine and Feminine

In nature, everything flows toward balance. A system out of balance is a system in chaos that is heading toward destruction. We see this as we look around at the state of the environment and humanity on this planet today. We are killing each other over artificially valued pieces of paper and a made-up, invisible ‘man in the sky’.

Why? Lust for power and control over others? Greed for money and natural resources? Insecurity about our own survival and the survival of others in our group (gender, national, religious, racial, or other)? At the foundation of all of these excuses is the fact that most people are simply not satisfied, not happy, with life. A life without pleasure is not worth living.

So, in order to return balance to this out-of-control world, who should we look to? Who can provide real pleasure and a balancing effect in our patriarchal world – the feminists? No f*cking way!


The Fallacy of Feminist Philosophy

Wikipedia defines feminism as “a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.”

Wikipedia defines fallacy as “the use of invalid or otherwise faulty reasoning, or ‘wrong moves’ in the construction of an argument. A fallacious argument may be deceptive by appearing to be better than it really is.”

Basically, feminists want equal rights and opportunities in the male system. We wonder, do you see how inconsequential their existence is?

Feminists want equal access to and opportunity in the patriarchal political system, the patriarchal global corporate power structures, and the patriarchal education, social, and legal systems. They want their ‘fair-share’ of access to power and control of this system because, they claim, the system is out of control precisely because it is controlled by one of the sexes at the exclusion of the other.

However, the women who rise to positions of power and influence don’t actually bring any balance. Instead, they behave in exactly the same way as their male counterparts do – or else they would never have been able to rise to their position in the first place and certainly would not have been able to keep it.

And once they’re at the top, do they do anything to change the system? See for yourself.


Female CEOs of the Ruling Elite


“Women currently hold 21 (4.2%) of CEO positions at S&P 500 companies”, reports

Marissa Mayer, one of those 21 female CEO’s, took over as CEO of Yahoo in July 2012. Recently, she came under fire for her ineffective spending habits including spending $7 million on her ironically-themed Great Gatsby holiday party. She also reportedly spent $2 million “giving away JawBone Up fitness bracelets to mark her one-year anniversary at the company”.  She is a member of the Board of Directors of JawBone.

Just after she was named CEO of Yahoo, Mayer announced she was pregnant and gave birth in October of that year (less than 3 months later). We wonder, why hide her pregnancy? Why not use her position to empower women everywhere and change the stigma associated with hiring female executives, or female employees in general, over potential pregnancy concerns. Mayer recently gave birth again, this time to twin girls.


We wonder if her secret pregnancy and shopaholism, as well as her less than clear-headed stewardship of Yahoo, is related to her lack of sexual (foundation of human psychology) satisfaction…just our theory.

The following is from a very interesting piece Business Insider published on her back in 2013:

“Worth at least $300 million, [Mayer] isn’t afraid to show off her wealth. Steve Jobs may have lived in a small, suburban home with an apple tree out front, but Marissa Mayer lives in the penthouse of San Francisco’s Four Seasons Hotel.

While rival CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Larry Page of Google wear flip-flops, hoodies, and T-shirts, Mayer wears Oscar De La Renta on the red carpet.

Mayer calls herself a geek, but she doesn’t look the part. With her blonde hair, blue eyes, and glamorous style, she has Hollywood-actress good looks.

Young, powerful, rich, and brilliant, Mayer is a role model for millions of women. And yet, unlike Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, Mayer resists calling herself a feminist. She even infuriated working mothers across the world when she banned Yahoo employees from working from home.” (emphasis added)

Ok, so, maybe we should take a look at a top executive that does call herself a feminist, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg.


Recently, in Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum, Sandberg claimed that gender inequality and the gender wage gap (which is likely an untrue red herring) is due to a ‘toddler wage gap’ that begins at home during childhood.

Sandberg said that “we assign our chores to our children in the United States, and it can be worse in other parts of the world… The boys are taking out the trash, it takes less time than cleaning the dishes and they get bigger allowances. We start out in our homes with these very different expectations and the time spent on these tasks is incredibly important.”

We wonder how her salary relative to how long it takes her to do her work compares to Facebook’s lower-level employees – men and women.

And because the gender wage gap may in fact be non-existent (or at least not the most significant wage gap to consider) we wonder why she is speaking so much about it – perhaps to draw attention away from the wage gap between top level executives and low-wage earning workers who are the majority of the workforce.

Feminists have long been raging about a gender pay gap yet the issue of gender inequality is not to be solved in examining wages, but rather in examining the system itself (the use of culture and religion, science and research, enterprise, politics, finance, and education), which women at the top of that system to do nothing to harness or redirect. We say, use the system to change the system. 

Sandberg also preaches about the likeability of women in leadership roles:

“When a man is successful, his peers often like him more; when a woman is successful, both men and women often like her less. This trade-off between success and likeability creates a double-bind for women. If a woman is competent she does not seem nice enough, but if a woman seems really nice, she is considered less competent. This can have a big impact on a woman’s career.”

Maybe many people don’t like their female bosses because they are simply confused, frustrated women who are working against themselves and other women in a system that hurts us all – and (perhaps) they don’t even know it. It’s either that or else they realize exactly how they are working against other women, we wonder which it is.


Women at the top are doing nothing to change the unfortunate circumstances we all face today, they are simply ‘getting theirs’ – not sexually but financially. Rather than doing anything to solve the real issues of the world, they are simply using the opportunity they have to make their money and move on, protecting themselves and their own.

Sharyl Sandberg of Facebook might think she is trying to do something to help this world by selling books about a ‘toddler wage gap’ and suggesting that Facebook likes are the way to fight ISIS but we think she is just trying to make money – for herself and her company.

Yin and Yang: Holy Union

Rather than saying that women ‘deserve’ more, are ‘entitled’ to more, or should be given ‘equality’ by men, we believe that the key to salvation for us all is not equality but union.

We think that women should learn what the power and value of femininity really is and then how to represent it without shame or apology. Women do not need to become just as good as the men at their own game, they need to learn the rules of the game and figure out how to change them, or at least, to start, how get around them NOT under the name of feminism, but as part of an individual group that represents balanced interests.  But we stress, first, the rules of the game need to be known. 

This is not about taking away from men, it’s about adding femininity to the mix but no one, especially a powerful man, is going to hand over change on a silver platter.

We wonder though, will any women who have to do what’s necessary to get to the top, who manage to get around the rules, still be able deny the feeling of wanting their ‘just desserts’. We all know how women feel about chocolate…

We have some ideas about the true value of the feminine and we assure you, it has positive impacts for both genders…stay with us, we’ll get there, but we need to hear from you! We CAN change this world but we have to do it TOGETHER. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 


On the same World Economic Forum panel during which Sandberg promoted her book, newly elected Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau spoke about how his wife Sophie had to take him aside and tell him that it was just as important for Justin to discuss proper attitude toward and treatment of women with his sons as it was for him to empower his daughter. Trudeau then went on to advise all people that it should not be considered shameful for men and women alike to consider themselves ‘feminists’.

If Justin is such a ‘feminist’, why did he need his wife to explain this to him? Perhaps it is the union of Justin with his wife that makes him so attractive, powerful, and promising, NOT the fact that he may, apparently, consider himself a ‘feminist’.


Changing the System: Collective Consciousness

Even, or perhaps especially, those who are happy with themselves and their own life are able to see just how f*cked up this world is. When you are happy it is easy to turn away from the suffering of others because you feel tempted to just enjoy what you have while it lasts. In truth, you feel fear that your happiness will end, that you will join the ranks of the majority, that the inevitable will eventually occur and you to will fall into simple satisfaction, or worse, a state of faking it.

Are you one of those people who is just ‘trying to survive’ because you feel threatened and powerless to do anything in the face of such a gigantic, faceless, and powerful enemy – who is ‘they’?!?!

‘They’ is anyone who seeks to control or dominate others, especially those who do so using this suppressed information about human sexuality. There is no one man behind the curtain, no one man in the sky, everyone has their own ‘they’, their own oppressor. ‘They’ understand how to manipulate us because ‘they’ understand the foundation of human motivation – the desire for pleasure and love. We can fight back by starting to mend our broken human relationships and bridging our divisions, by starting a conversation about the things that make us the same.

We all need love and we all need pleasure, just as much as we need air, water, (and food, and it is a sure bet that, sooner or later, people will be ready to give their life to get real love and real pleasure because they will understand there is no sense in living without it. A life without pleasure is not worth living and a world without pleasure is not worth saving.


The only way mass revolt won’t eventually happen is if people have already stopped believing in love, if they have honestly started to believe that it truly doesn’t exist – something which is possible and likely if they have never felt it and don’t understand enough about it to even know where to start looking for it, much less how to get it.

Sound familiar? It’s hard to find the answer to a question you can’t define, it’s hard to find something when you don’t know what you’re looking for. It’s hard to get passionate about pleasure if you’ve never truly felt good.

If the women of the world are eternally frustrated then we must start to understand that the men of this world are too. Perhaps that is why ‘they’ behave so immorally and, in fact, irrationally and hormonally. We all exist in a downward spiral of blame, confusion, cognitive dissonance, conflict, aggression, struggle, broken dominator-victim relationships, fear of the unknown and ‘others’, and war.

As with race, religion, nationality, and wealth, gender is an artificial division among people – the original one – and because we didn’t understand and overcome it at the beginning of our existence, we are still suffering from today. Men are physically stronger and have dicks, girls have vaginas and boobs, it’s true, there are physical differences but that different doesn’t mean better or worse. We are all human and therefore essentially and fundamentally the same, just as we are starting to realize in regards to ‘others’ who have different abilities, aptitudes, body types, appearances, etc. These differences do not give one group the right to oppress (or any benefit from oppressing) the others.

It’s time to come back to our humanity, to what unites us rather than what divides us. Happy, satisfied, fulfilled people are much, much more creative. Two heads are better than one and collective consciousness is infinitely wise. Together, there is nothing we can’t achieve.


Collective consciousness: the idea that we are all the same and all connected – in pleasure and pain, for good or for bad. It’s time to realize that war is not affecting only some far-away people in a far-away place, there is war going on all around us, around all of us. It’s a war on love because it is a war of the sexes and it’s not going to end until we start putting some effort into discovering what makes us the same rather than focusing on the artificial divisions that separate us. From microscale to macroscale, these issues affect everyone on this planet.

John Lennon told us ‘Love is the answer’. We can change this world but we have to do it TOGETHER, starting from the foundation of how we are the same – our sexuality. War is over, if you want it.

SHARE this information, JOIN the discussion, spread some LOVE.

Much love,