Over the last few weeks we have been covering the ongoing battle over abortion law in Poland and why it is significant not only for those in Poland but people everywhere in the world.

Our first piece on the subject, Abortion in Poland and Other Catholic Countries, explains the current situation in Poland as well as in El Salvador, a place that already enforces the kind of arcane and anti-democratic, religious laws that Poland’s PiS party is attempting to enact.

Abortion is a signal issue of the religious political right. After Poland’s last election in October 2015, it became clear that the new government is beholden to the Catholic church and access to reproductive health services is now on the chopping block, possibly soon to join a pile of other democratic and secular services that have been discarded and Christianized since the PiS party took power.

Many people have started to react to the issue. You can read about the response of the Polish people in our last post titled #Poland Polarized: A Leviathan Gripped by Fear of the Catholic Church.

Even celebrities have started to speak out on the issue including two prominent Polish public figures  – Krzysztof Pieczyński and Paulina Młynarska.

We have translated their remarks from Polish to English below.


Krzysztof Pieczyński

Krzysztof Pieczyński is a famous Polish actor. He has even acted in some Hollywood films, most notably, The Pianist. Krzysztof recently published remarks about the current political situation in Poland, namely the facilitation of the ongoing, longtime oppression of the people by the Catholic church.

The translation below has been approved by Mr. Pieczyński.

Krzysztof writes:

Nobody Can Liberate the Poles from the Polish:

Dear friends,

A Polish pope introduced the world into the third millennium of christian enslavement.

The Polish pope [Jean Paul II] provided Poland to an extended enslavement, longer, harder, and more cruel than communism, one filled with hypocrisy, crimes, and mind tricks that communists could not have dreamed of.

Otherwise, the Polish people elected this government for themselves. Neither Europe nor the world is responsible for the fact that we are vassals of the Vatican, that we pay dues to them and agree to be cheated. A Pole [Jean Paul II] is responsible for entrenching the presence of the oppressor that is the Vatican in Poland. No one will liberate the Poles from the Polish, we must do it ourselves.

I repeat endlessly: without spiritual freedom, freedom doesn’t exist.

I’m shocked by the attitude of Poles who take a bribe from their government [baby bonus-style financial incentive]. I’m shocked by the attitude of a nation that allows people to get beat down. I am shocked by the attitude of self-proclaimed intelligent young Poles who send their children to religious class and ‘holy’ communion and say they are doing it so their children have a choice in the future. A child who is baptized in religion is being indoctrinated from birth and deprived of their choice.

Even if some so-called Catholic saints experienced ecstatic highs and visions, the church is being used only for its own glory. They perpetuate lies about obedience and humility to strengthen their regime and separate people from the truth. Because maybe, just maybe, the people could find in experiences similar to those of the so-called saints, clues that would lead them to knowledge about the ecstatic states of, for example, John of the Cross and Theresa de Avila which had a strong erotic foundation; about the erotic sexual energy that is behind every revelation; about the fact that Catherine de Sienna was very close to being burned on the stake for her criticism of the Vatican that “it reeks of sin”; about Saint Francis who was pissed off and humiliated by the pope and had to endure the destruction of everything he had worked for during his life including being undressed and dressed down repeatedly so that the pope could collect the holy relics. The same story was with Father Pio. The examples are endless because the greed of the church is a constant.

I’m shocked by the mendacity and irresponsibility of our society which accepts the second millennium of servitude to the Vatican as casually as if the cc were not behind the plethora of crimes, thefts, forgeries, pedophilia, and impunity. The church clearly cares only about its own compensation for the death of Christ for which the whole world must pay until the end of time. I think it’s our last chance to treat the cc the same way they have been treating us for the last thousand years in Poland.

If anyone doubts my assessment of the situation, just look at any image of a crucifixion and try to understand who is who, who is crucifying whom. Because I have no doubt that the cc crucifies this nation every day. The inability of the people to understand this metaphor is the reason that we Poles no longer have Poland.

We do not own our own country. Poland is on loan to us from the Vatican and we work for their wealth in return for a wafer that we are expected to accept on our knees with our heads bowed. The church does this, not God.

Catholic Poles, I assure you that God does not need anyone to kneel before him and that God is a mystery that the church has nothing to do with. Nobody so directly and unequivocally contradicts the teachings of Christ as Christianity and nobody desecrates the commandments of the master so egregiously as does the Catholic church.

Those who wish to take their own spiritual path must continually provide nourishment for their own imagination. We cannot settle for what we have been. One must be hungry, search, and extend their imagination – that is the way to find one’s self, to knowledge, to freedom. We must question, persist, search, search, search.

Get off your knees, Poles! Don’t believe in the fake humility that is held up as a good example. Don’t kneel before anyone, ever. Carry your humanity high, straight, and with dignity. You don’t need a church or religion to connect with God. You don’t even need to refer to God to feel love in your heart because everyone loves or wants love. Let’s finish this terrible era of religion and churches. Let’s start to treat  ourselves and our planet like Humans should.

Good luck, without any blessing.

Krzysztof Pieczyński


Paulina Młynarska

Paulina Młynarska is a famous Polish actress, feminist, and journalist on the television, radio, and in print. Recently, she also posted comments about the current situation with regards to abortion legislation in Poland on her Facebook page but they were removed by Facebook for violating the rules of social behaviour.

Exercising your right to free speech by commenting on the remarks made by a politician is in direct violation of Facebook’s Social Conduct Policy, apparently.

We obtained a screenshot of the remarks and translated them to post again here. Paulina has not yet responded to our request to verify the translation.

Note: Jarosław Gowin is one of three Vice Prime Ministers of Poland. He is also the Minister of Science and Higher Education. He is known to have a strong affiliation with the Catholic church.

Paulina writes:

Gowin said all he knew: “Yes, revise the abortion legislation but after a quiet, adult discussion.”

Discussion? Adult? Quiet? With who?

With a teen-aged girl who’s been gang-raped?

With a woman sick with cancer who also receives the news that she’s pregnant and therefore cannot be treated with chemotherapy.

Or with a fallopian tube that has an embryo developing inside of it instead of the womb.

Maybe, Mr. Gowin, in his merciful Catholic-ness wants to speak with a mother of a few kids who lives on the lowest social salary and is forced into sex by her alcoholic husband.

Ah, a very interesting discussion would be with a girl who is pregnant because of incest.

Those kinds of conversations would be unimaginable, like how I can’t imagine how some women could have voted for these fanatics [the currently elected PiS party]. Nor can I understand how a fully-grown, rational man can associate with the institution that protects pedophiles and is that arrogant that they lecture us on morality.

Spread the Word!

The political situation being faced by Polish people now is an important example of history in the making. One day, this battle may be regarded as the tipping point of consciousness with regards to the oppression the Catholic churches forces all of us to accept – precisely because we don’t always recognize the secular ways in which their activities affect us.

It’s time for real discussion and it’s time for #truth. The people above took the time to share their voice. If you don’t know what to say, please start to educate yourself and help spread the message. Sharing is caring 😉

More on the sinister nature of the Catholic church and what we can do about it soon, but first, next up, a series on #Trump. We have an important question we need him to answer…

That’s all for now, much love!