Daryush ‘Roosh V’ Valizadeh, creator of neomasculinity, is an American ‘pickup artist’ (PUA) and writer/blogger. He has sparked international outrage over his topics and tactics, particularly those promoting the legalization of rape on private property.

Wikipedia proudly describes his work as:

“controversial writings and advice on the seduction community and antifeminism”.



Read more about him in this International Business Times article which mentions that he has already, in fact, been identified as an extremist terrorist:

[Valizadeh is] even listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s quarterly extremism report in 2012 – something usually reserved for terrorists and anti-Semitic far-right groups.

He is also a scientist, a biologist, which is interesting to consider in terms of what kind competitive ‘game’ advantage his education gives him over many others with regards to knowledge about the human body and its many secrets.

The 36 year old was born in Washington DC and is the son of immigrant parents from Armenia and Iran. After graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in microbiology, he began a respectable career as an industrial microbiologist. But alongside his work as a scientist he began writing a blog called DC Bachelor, in which he authored posts under a pseudonym about “picking up” girls and gave “seduction” tips. Admitting that the “macho content” was questionable, Valizadeh said he lived in “constant paranoia that my employer would bust me” if they found out he was the author.

The ‘respectable’ biologist-turned-sexual-terrorist grew his fame teaching men how to successfully f*ck women in a variety of ways (including without consent or protection) but recently his attempts to hold meetups with his male followers in various countries around the world, including Canada, were met with protests and ban petitions.

In Canada, though he was not refused access at the border, the mayors of both cities where he had scheduled events – Montreal and Toronto – as well as the mayor of Mississauga spoke out against him and his presence and protestors came out in droves, stalking and physically assaulting him.

His response? This video:

We wonder, why was he NOT arrested? This man claims he is an Islamic jihadist – his blog on sex is his way of introducing traditional Islamic values, traditional Islamic family, into a Western audience” (from the video above).

He finishes the video off with an English version of the ISIS signoff, God is great and may he be with you [as you legally choke and rape women in your basement where, according to him and the Islamic faith he is trying to introduce, it should be legal].

So, Canadians were not able to refuse him entry to their country despite his hateful and violence-inciting ‘free speech’, the mayors and citizens of the cities he visited could not prevent his presence there either, and despite all of the controversy, he was able to claim asylum both literally and figuratively in a mosque, behind the veil of Islam, without any reproach from Islamic leaders.

At the same time as these events, he also posted on his site http://www.rooshvforum.com a thread called BATTLE OF TORONTO: Operation Caliphate.

It read:

Operation Caliphate is the next operation, and perhaps the last until Saturday. 

The attacks against me is [sic, he very often uses the wrong form of the verb to be, a subtle yet persistent degradation of language] obviously Islamophobia. My traditional beliefs on women and family come from my father, who is Muslim (Shia branch). White Canadian feminists forget [sic?] to check their privilege before attacking our masculine views which stem for [sic] the mighty Koran. 

As you know I am a practicing Muslim man. The mosque is my sanctuary in which I strengthen my views on masculinity and patriarchy. The Prophet Muhammad and I stand together against SlutWalks, false rape accusations, obesity, and cat tattoos. …    

I ask that you support my right to religious expression, whether you are Christian, Jew, Buddhist, or atheist. Find those who smite me in media articles and social networking, leave comments that tell them to check their Islamophobia, so that on this Saturday I may fight back against Canadian degeneracy with the Holy word of Muhammad. 

Allahu Akbar

This comes as a follow-up to his previous plan, ‘Operation Fornication’ in which he instructed his followers to ‘Identify, Infiltrate, and Inseminate’ their opposition.

Religious war. Sexual jihad.

Quran 2:193

Fight them until there is no [more] fitnah and [until] worship is [acknowledged to be] for Allah. But if they cease, then there is to be no aggression except against the oppressors.


Islam Is NOT a Religion of Peace

The individuals of the muslim community, including the first muslim mayor of a large North American city, mayor of the Canadian city of Calgary, Naheed Nenshi, as well as the mayors of Montreal, Toronto, and Mississauga who spoke out against him, seemed appalled that Valizadeh was associating his vile sexual and human relationship views with their faith.

But Muslim leaders remained silent.

In this article called Pickup Artists: Veiling Misogyny with Islam, a muslim woman of colour wrote:

[A] horribly misogynist pick-up artist (PUA) came to town and decided that those opposing him were Islamophobic. …It is unfortunate that he fails to recognize that people dislike him not because he claims his ideas stem from Islam, but because he is a vile misogynist whose views are dangerous.

His claim that the Canadian opposition he has been met with is Islamophobic is all the more ironic given that he has hosted racist and Anti-Muslim thought on his site, including this statement: “Islam presents a direct threat to a free, open, prosperous, and advancing human civilization with justice and equal rights for all” and has published a pieced [sic] justifying Islamophobia.

It is unfortunate that this writer does not understand that the fact that he is muslim and the fact that he is misogynist are two sides of the same coin, not opposing and mutually exclusive poles.

Please read on for a justification of this statement.

Valizadeh’s statement that Islam is a “threat to a free, open, prosperous, and advancing human civilization with justice and equal rights for all” is not Islamophobic, it is pro-Islam.

The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada‘s mission is “To be the leading Muslim organization in Canada helping the government, media and the people of Canada to understand the teachings of Islam and issues of Muslims.”

No reference to Valizadeh could be found on their site, nor on ISNA’s (Islamic Society of North America), nor by any other Islamic authorities.

The coloured female author of the above-mentioned article wrote that leaders of the Islamic faith had justified their silence on the topic of the relationship between rape-promoting misogyny and Islam by claiming that they did not want to add their voice to promoting his message.

Really? Is Islam that ‘peaceful’? So peaceful that they don’t even defend themselves against ‘untrue’ defamation? What about fighting the infidels?

They effectively decided that the shadows of ignorance are the best atmosphere to promote peace. And understanding, of course. Because people fear the unknown and they are NOT terrorists, right?  

Perhaps they thought the overly politically correct secular population would defend Islam for them. Unfortunately, they weren’t wrong, the question of the truth of the relationship between Valizadeh’s message and Islam was, fearfully, never called into question.

The muslim woman continues:

I reached out to contacts in the GTA [Greater Toronto Area] at various centers and Masjids [non-English word, mosque] to see if the event had taken place at their location. The only replies I received were from men advising me in brotherly tones to not write about this. It might “look bad for the community”.

The blind believers, the followers of faith, never demanded an answer either. Read an explaintion from one below:

What does look bad for the [Islamic] community is that we are constantly apologizing for all sorts of issues and crimes to which we are not connected. There is a culture of speaking out when we choose. Why would Imams and community leaders NOT speak out against this man and simply point out that his behaviour and comments are offensive and NOT from the Sunnah. Or even simpler, make it crystal clear that Islam does not condone rape, violence or abuse against women or girls. Furthermore, Toronto has a Muslim branch of the White Ribbon Campaign who are committed to working with allies to eliminate violence against women and girls. Wouldn’t a statement against Valizadeh be part of that mandate? Speaking out and standing against someone who is using the umbrella of faith to deflect criticism and justify his disgusting opinions?

Ghomeshi, former CBC radio personality and muslim Iranian immigrant to Canada, acquitted of several sexual assault charges earlier this year, was another ironic partnership for the White Ribbon Campaign (to end violence against women).

Ghomeshi’s stealth manipulation and coercion of women into aggressive sexual situations demonstrates a pattern eerily similar to the strategies Valizadeh writes about and calls his way of “introducing” traditional Islamic values to the West. 

Consider this excerpt from Valizadeh’s article called 6 Qualities of a Good Rape Scene:

5. Change in opinion. The key to a good rape scene is seeing the girl change from hating it to loving it. She has to want to be raped again.

6. After-sex joking or cuddling. She should learn to love her rapist. None of that crying on the floor naked while in a fetal position stuff.

Sounds eerily similar to Ghomeshi‘s style? Like how he made them beg for more after, they claimed, he assaulted them, and how they wrote about loving the same hands he used to beat them.

Furthermore, consideration needs to be taken of the possibility that the relationship between Valizadeh, and other men like him, and the institution of Islam is a coordinated effort; that they are allies, working for the same cause.

The coloured, muslim Canadian (as she identifies herself while writing about racism) continues:

I understand the tactic of not amplifying his voice. I respect that. [Clearly she does not respect it as she has written an article about him. Perhaps she does not understand it, or the meaning of the word respect, just as she does not understand the connection between Valizadeh’s message and Islamic teachings.] But when he is clearly defiling the name of Islam by associating it with opinions often held by Islamophobes [- hold on a second, now the Islamophobes are the rapists?] or ISIS [right, because ISIS is not Islamic], then it might be a wise move to clarify. [Is she saying here that the Imams are not wise? Perhaps they just understand that any comment they made would lead to self-incrimination.] This did not happen. [shocking] And perhaps Valizadeh gambled on this as he went along his merry way vilifying women who speaking [sic] out against his disgusting and offensive comments.

That was a window into the world of muslim media – literally, it was an article published by Muslim Media Watch. It answers a lot of questions about the critical thinking skills of muslims.

Ignorance is not bliss, it’s weakness, and knowledge is power.

For more on the issue of consciousness and a current movement in Argentina to revoke the right to conscientious objection regarding sexual health, procreation, and sterilization, check out this article.

The muslim woman finishes her article with:

I am not certain that Valizadeh will maintain his status of “practising Muslim” and utilize the Islamophobia claim for his agenda, but as long as he does, I would appreciate and support Muslims refuting his claims and challenging him.

There was one comment on the post and still none from Islamic authorities.

Also, the only way to lose your status as a ‘practising Muslim’ is through death. Sexual jihad.

And still no comment from muslim authorities but we do have confirmation that there was an effort by muslim men all across the city to suppress discussion about the topic.

Again, the possibility that the muslim community is Valizadeh’s ally, perhaps even his sponsor, must be taken into consideration. Valizadeh did say that he hid from his enemies in Canada in a mosque. How poetic.

Also, notice how Valizadeh does not try to hide the religious motivation for his sexual behaviour; he even mocks his audience for their ignorance.

In our secular understanding, that should incriminate his muslim hosts as accomplices, or perhaps an obstruction of Canadian justice (but remember, they are accountable only to their God, not something as silly as the Canadian legal institution or public interest).

At the very least, the muslims have behaved in a very telling manner regarding the question of whether a muslim woman stressing that she is Canadian means anything at all.

Jihad, Roosh V-Style


Valizadeh published a piece on his site, Return of Kings, titled Islamophobia is Totally Natural. His comment about Islam presenting a “direct threat to a free, open, prosperous, and advancing human civilization with justice and equal rights for all” was his introduction to the link for that article.

The piece was published before his ironic accusations of Islamophobia against Canadians.

In the article, the three stages of jihad are described based on the following video:

The Return of Kings article summarizes:

In the above video, David Wood of AnsweringMuslims.com describes the three stages of Jihad, as outlined and carried out by Mohammed himself. The first stage is stealth Jihad. At this stage, when Muslims are outnumbered, they preach tolerance and complain of persecution while antagonizing others. This is the stage American Islam is at.

Stage two is defensive Jihad. Once Muslims have a large enough percentage in the population to sustain criticism, Muslims engage in terrorism, using the largely peaceful percentage of the population as the water they swim in, and a haystack to hide their needles in. This is the stage European Islam is reaching.

Stage three is offensive Jihad. When Muslims have a majority and political power, they are commanded to fight non-Muslims, subjugate them to Islamic law, and expel non-believers. This is the stage Middle Eastern Islam is at.

These stages were carried [sic] Mohammed in his capture of the city of Mecca, and supported by the Muslim holy texts. Essentially, Islamic strategy changes based on the amount of power and influence they have in a population.

There is also a Muslim doctrine known as “Taqiyya” which means, “concealing or disguising one’s beliefs.” It essentially means that Muslims are allowed, and even commanded to lie to non-believers when it suits them.

David Wood of http://www.answeringmuslims.com, the presenter in the video above, adds a fourth (or rather first) stage to the list: Stage Zero – Totally Clueless about Jihad.

He asks us to please help ourselves by sharing this information and we would like to echo his call here.

This is serious.

Just in case you skipped watching the video of Valizadeh claiming Islamophobic persecution in Canada earlier in the article, we’ll post it again here. It might be interesting to watch a second time, see if you can place which stage of jihad Valizadeh is in.

Sexual Jihad


Notice the word allegedly.

But we would like to define the term in a different, perhaps more accurate and contextual, way.

Sexual domination has always been an element of war. Raping women in order to spread disease and DNA to create more humans from your own race all while damaging the ability for men from other cultures to reproduce with women from your race, or at all.

In Islam, raping is, in fact, an acceptable behaviour for a man. However muslims will tell you that the previous sentence is untrue. Perhaps this is what they mean by ‘the struggle within oneself against sin‘.

You see, for them it is not sin, or rape, because the woman has no choice, no consent to give.

“Islam is a religion of peace,” they cry [cry perhaps due to Islamic wife ‘disciplining’ practices]. “Islam respects women!”

Raping, as we call it, is not part of Islam, they say, because they don’t call it raping, they call it a God-given right of every jihadist, every muslim man.

Islamic teachings explain that if a woman puts herself in a dangerous situation, or is in one because of the failings of her own male relatives to protect her, then it is natural and just that she should find herself the victim. This is the Islamic justification for what we understand to be rape.

Sexual jihad – religious sexual warfare, a man’s God-given right to rape.

This is the kind of logic that Valizadeh promotes on his sites. While he does not wear a traditional Islamic thawb, or an ISIS-style bandana, his disguise is precisely the lack of one. As he himself admits, he is “introducing” Islamic doctrine to Western society by putting it in a context that seems familiar and attractive to his audience. Stealth mode.

“I got down her bra and panties, but she kept saying, “No ! No !” I was so turned on by her beauty and petite figure that I told myself she’s not walking out my door without getting f*cked. At that moment I accepted the idea of getting locked up in a Polish prison to make it happen. I put it in. I put her on her stomach and went deep, pounding her pussy like a pedophile.”

This is how he is introducing Islam to our culture? 

To help explain the relationship between Islam and what we understand as rape, we have another fantastic http://www.answeringmuslims.com video for you!


You can find more material on understanding Islam and jihad on the accompanying website.

A muslim by any other name…

So, why have the authorities and the media, with all their unconstitutional and illegal surveillance capability, not been able to arrest this guy – if not because the feminists told them he was evil, at least because we are in a ‘[religious] war on terror’!

Well, we wondered the same thing. Perhaps, we reasoned, it was because the link between Valizadeh’s neomasculine ideology, sexual jihad, and Western institutions of law and order was not widely known about or understood.

Apparently, when it’s only a problem for feminists or women, it just doesn’t seem that important.

Here’s hoping exposing the Islamic terrorism facet of this case elicits a stronger response. Change his clothes and expose the terrorist hiding in neomasculine dress.


The Holy F*cking Trinity: Sex, Religion, and Politics

To further illustrate the Bigger Picture of the connections between sex, religion, and politics, let us draw your attention to the recent string of prosecutions involving hundreds of, mostly, men for the attempted or successful, intentional spread of HIV and the resulting push back from the political left and the LGBT community to ‘decriminalize’ HIV. Under the threat of prosecution for transmission, they argue, many people from the community have said they would simply rather not know if they have the virus, which causes even greater risk for the population.

That is to say, the legal institutions have started to prosecute men who have aggressively and intentionally spread HIV to unsuspecting partners, often by using antagonization, manipulation, deceit, or threat to erode their victims’ defence and achieve unprotected intercourse.

Sexual terrorism and a reasonable secular response.

If it’s so with HIV, why not with religious extremism?

Quran 48:20

Allah has promised you much booty that you will take [in the future] and has hastened for you this [victory] and withheld the hands of people from you – that it may be a sign for the believers and [that] He may guide you to a straight path.

Take, for example, the case of Simon Mol in Poland, an HIV-positive Black African man who knowingly infected at least 40 young Polish girls with the virus by accusing them of racism if they insisted on using a condom with him. He was also reported to have cried racism if a girl confronted him with the allegation that he had infected her.

Valizadeh has also written about his tactics for tricking, forcing, or humiliating a girl into unprotected sex and used Islamophobia to confuse his accusers into cognitive dissonance.

Do you notice the similarities between Valizadeh’s sexual jihad and Mol’s criminal, racist behaviour?

The question remains, why has Valizadeh remained free, safe behind the shield of Islamophobia?

One important point to consider is that Hillary Clinton supports the movement to ‘decriminalize’ the transmission of HIV. That’s right, she supports the move to protect the right of the sick to infect others over the right of the healthy to remain so.

Maybe this is what she means when she talks about increasing spending on healthcare?

On the Equality California website, an article about the topic which outlines Clinton’s relevant platform points, featured the following quotation:

“HIV should be treated as a public health issue not as a criminal one. Legally requiring disclosure privileges the lives of White people not living with HIV over Black people who are living with HIV,” wrote 89 Black gay men from The Counter Narrative Project.

Perhaps Valizadeh is still free because, despite being the feminists’ candidate, Clinton is also the left-wing candidate and sometimes when you have to choose between Black (as a symbol for non-white) people living with HIV (or Islam) and privileged, White, Canadian (or American) feminists who are not checking their privilege (we’re mixing the Clinton, Mol, and Valizadeh cases here in order to illustrate the parallels between the two men and their relevance to Clinton’s policy), then all of a sudden racial or religious persecution becomes a legal defence for sexual jihad.

“Wait!” you may say. “Valizadeh is not infecting women with HIV, it’s not the same!”

We don’t know that he isn’t.  Legally, he’s just covering his rapist/muslim (whichever label you prefer) ass.

Consider the following, written by Valizadeh for his site.

I Took an HIV Test (2011), in which he wrote:

In the nine years I didn’t get tested for HIV, I’ve had over a dozen sexual encounters that deeply concerned me. It was usually the rough sex episodes that left my dick feeling like raw meat. During my second trip to South America, I had a couple of strange flu-like illnesses. I wondered if one of those could be acute HIV syndrome, but I was too scared to get tested. I continued fucking raw. It didn’t help that girls rarely asked me if I had been tested. If they did I’d say, “I don’t think I have anything.” That was good enough for them. …

The anxiety of my unknown HIV status increased with each new girl I fucked, whether I used a condom or not. I would make myself feel better by reading articles about how hard it was to contract HIV from heterosexual sex, but that no longer helped while in Poland after feeling tired and weak for two weeks. It got to the point where I so convinced myself I was positive that I had to get tested to start treatment so I didn’t die. I couldn’t postpone it any longer.

Again we ask, this is how he is introducing Islam to our culture?

He tells of his relief after being told that he didn’t have any STDs by the Polish doctor, but that was five years ago AND he writes about how he lies to women so his word carries little value AND his religion instructs him to lie to non-believers in order to protect himself and his jihad/life purpose.

Furthermore, here is a sample of his work on the topic of coercing girls into unprotected sex by (maximum) the third time, from the article American Girls Don’t Use Condoms Anymore (apparently because they’re not scared of getting HIV):

Raise your hand if you’re scared of AIDS.

I don’t see many hands out there. The only people scared these days are OCD freaks who can’t get laid, because it’s just not on the radar anymore.

He follows the pejorative personal attack up with a link to his article on why it is dangerous for men to perform oral sex on women (because, he argues, you might get oral cancer from HPV).

He continues his step-by-step sexual stealth jihad training with this criminal command:

When gearing up for the second act of sex, just diddle her vagina with your dick and stuff it in.

And finally he closes with this:

There are women whose “instinct” told them that having raw dog [unprotected] sex with me was safe! Me! A guy who basically fucks women for a living! …

Girls are supposedly the more intuitive of our species, but if so many feel right about fucking me without a condom, then I must conclude that they don’t know shit. They’re all dirty little whores who truly disgust me with their sex habits.

Sexual jihad, divine retribution.

If the only girls he can trick or force into having sex with him disgust him, no wonder his frustration turned to a misogynistic expression of aggression. Besides having a huge self-esteem problem, it sounds like he also can’t achieve sexual satisfaction any longer. We wonder if the pills for that are halal…

Which brings us to the root of this issue. The problem is not that this guy uses ‘free speech’ (read his statement on free speech below) to justify spreading his hateful message in the West, but that his anything-but-peaceful religion, Islam, gave him the internal programming to justify it within a moral framework, and he is trying to “introduce” that same Islamic moral framework to other, frustrated, misogynistic losers who are attracted by his stealth call to religiously motivated sexual war. Sexual jihad.

Another thing to consider, besides Clinton’s HIV-loving platform, as we ponder why Valizadeh is still free, is Valizadeh’s site’s support for the Trump campaign.

As you may or may not know, we are in the middle of writing about Trump. Trump has spoken a lot about Islam and muslims but we are also tying in the Christian part of the equation so that the relationship between religion and politics becomes clear. Please feel free to read what we have written so far by searching for articles tagged #question4Trump.

Valizadeh’s writes:

Given how hostile America has become to men in the past eight years under Obama—as well as Hillary Clinton’s openly anti-male, anti-white platform and demonstrable mental and physical health problems—the stakes have never been higher in a presidential race. While he’s far from perfect, Donald Trump is the only candidate who has the potential to turn the tide against leftist degeneracy, or at least hit the pause button.

Degeneracy – we can’t disagree with him there, Hillary is an ISIS-sponsoring lawyer who leaves Valizadeh free because she can’t choose which group to be more loyal to – the feminists who can’t articulate their case, the muslims whose leadership help the American elite make a lot of money, or the Black HIV-positive political activists who are getting her help to put their ‘right’ to fuck ahead of the right to accuse your sexual aggressor.

Valizadeh chooses to promote Trump despite the fact that being a muslim in America will be very uncomfortable should Trump win.

So, are we suggesting that Hillary won’t go after him because that could be seen as HIV-ophobia (allegedly of course, no public record of Valizadeh’s health exists, but there are many online accusations and warnings from girls claiming they were infected by him) and Trump won’t go after him because he’s a Trump supporter?

No, we are not suggesting that.

We simply noticed how interesting it is that Valizadeh’s aggressive, extremist viewpoints share a common religious affiliation with the terrorists that Hillary funded.

Trump is not responsible for who promotes his campaign. But we wonder how many Valizadeh-following Trump supporters realize that they have a jihadi terrorist muslim man’s finger so far up their ass that he is finger f*cking their mind.

On top of the story about Trump’s alleged collusion with the Russians, Clinton making the case that Trump was ALSO going to be elected by a jihadi terrorist electorate of frustrated, angry, White men could really throw a wrench into the idea of a democratic election. Please keep in mind that Islamic jihadi terrorist Daryush Valizadeh is an American citizen.

Trump, let us tell you, you have got yourself a serious threat on your hands! Forget about the Russians for a second and go back to focusing on the muslims – because one of them could be the proverbial ticking suicide timebomb of your campaign.


We paused for a moment to reflect on whether our written musings would be appropriate under the banner of free speech, especially given how extremist Islamic terrorists have reacted to other cultures’ attempts at free speech and satire (hint: not with words), and we decided it would be a good place to share Valizadeh’s ‘neomasculine’ statement on free speech:

Free speech is important from the perspective that concerned men or women should be able to speak out once they have identified corruption and degeneracy in their societies. In a well-educated population that is resistant to mob rule and raised on virtue and honorable values, ideas are only likely to be accepted if they are correct or scientifically sound. Otherwise, they are discarded, meaning that theoretically, there should be no large danger posed by an incorrect idea within a healthy society.

Without free speech, reading this document right now may not be possible, meaning you might have stayed less aware of the sickness our society is currently facing. For that reason, citizens must be able to speak intelligently and freely as a defense mechanism against the backwards slide to cultural toxicity, of which it’s worth noting that free speech alone was no defense to current ills. It should be no surprise that men today who have shared views that fall within the realm of neomasculine thought have been subject to censorious mob action.

Well, we can’t say he didn’t try to warn us.

Notice how he also simultaneously mocks his sick Western followers.

None of Valizadeh’s followers that we’ve met knew they were covertly being indoctrinated by a stealth-stage Islamic jihadist. But the evidence is there – in writing and on video. He does not try to hide it; he even mocks the stupidity of his audience for their ignorance.

Ignorance is not bliss, it’s weakness.

Share this article, it’s long but could save your life, or the life or well-being of someone you love.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading. Cheers to you for being strong enough to take on this information and open-minded enough to consider an alternative to mainstream ‘truth’.

Much love,