We can CHANGE THIS WORLD but we have to do it TOGETHER, will you JOIN US?

About SexiLeaks

SexiLeaks started as a project to bring back the idea that LOVE is the ANSWER, with an explanation of why. Our work is based on a basic understanding of human nature; of desire for pleasure, satisfaction, and love.

Many artists, writers, and philosophers throughout history have mused and belaboured over the concept of love, its meaning, its function, its form. We say love can be the answer to the search for any meaning, function, or form; it’s all a matter of perspective.

At a time when global war that is based on religious pretext ravages our planet and heightened levels of fear control the populations and quell the masses, we are raising our voice against aggression, domination, control, destruction, and violence. ‘They’ say this is a ‘war on terror’ but we recognize that this is actually a war on people.

Sex is like anything else, it’s not inherently good or inherently bad, it depends on the intention of the person who engages in the activity. Like with anything else, if you don’t know how to use something properly, it’s easy to use it wrong. Sex doesn’t come with an instruction manual and the stuff they teach you in school is pretty, ahem, basic, to put it mildly.

Stimulate man, man becomes hard, female is (expected to be) excited and wet, man inserts penis into vagina, female displays visible signs of response (which may or may not be recognized as signs of pleasure), man stimulates himself (or both people, depending on how liberal your sex ed program was) until he reaches ‘climax’ at which point he ejaculates into the girl who then will likely become pregnant. So always use a condom. Because otherwise, even if you don’t get pregnant, you could catch a disease, or get cancer.

So, it’s easy to see how the girls may have some questions, like, how come her climax wasn’t mentioned? It’s easy to see how girls might end up feeling like they are missing something or like they’re ‘doing it wrong’ making them much more vulnerable to follow the lead of the man who seems much more self-assured and satisfied.

We recognize that a widespread lack of understanding about female sexuality, and therefore human sexuality in general, though it may seem totally disconnected with problems like religious war, the economy, corruption, and human suffering, is actually a key piece to understanding THE WAY to a solution to all of those other problems.  It’s also a perfect thread because it is something that every human on this planet has access to understanding and can relate to. We only need to develop a common language to discuss it, one that everybody understands the true meaning of.

We started this blog by posting every day for 19 days leading up to the release of our video. You can find those posts under the section called GLOBAL Flash Mob 4 PEACE. Find out more about how you can still be part of the Flash Mob here – no singing or dancing required!  

We incorporated a lot of material from John Lennon because we feel that he understood the same truths about life and tried to express them in his lyrics. We released our video in tribute to him on the 35th anniversary of the day he was shot, December 8, 1980.

John and Yoko did an interview about the song Woman is the Nigger of the World in which he references the ‘Women’s Problem’. It kind of makes you start to wonder…

Is the reason that love has been such a captivating subject for so many great artists throughout history because they have all recognized the same thing? Were they able to open Pandora’s Box and understand all the complexities and wonders of the world that were contained inside? Is this the key to understanding the epic battle between good and evil, darkness and light, sin and sainthood?

We think so, LOVE is the ANSWER. War is over, if you want it.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. ” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Now we post about the topics of Love & Sex, Religion, Politics, Money, and The Bigger Picture. Each post we address a different issue and expose its relevance and meaning in the micro-scale and macro-scale, and everywhere in between. We want to prove to you that something more exists, better is possible, and you already have everything you need inside, you just have to FIND YOUR WAY.


Break the rules that have been given to you and try obeying the natural laws you instinctively sense. Explore a different world view, you might be surprised by what you didn’t already know. Eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil but don’t stop there. Dig a little deeper and seek to understand what those labels really mean. Challenge your perception and reach a higher consciousness. FIND YOUR WAY. War is over, if you want it.


We can’t all be monks from the Himalayas who have spent their entire lives meditating but we can start to have open conversations about important issues that relate to all of us. We are sure that if we can find the way to true understanding of how to boost the levels of love in this world, fear won’t stand a chance. Love is the answer, everything you need you already have inside.

We created SexiLeaks because we wanted to introduce these big topics slowly, in context, and break the taboo surrounding them. This is about so much more than sex and we have a lot to talk about. We’re not looking for a one-night stand.

We love hearing from you so please don’t be shy, send your comments, questions, or suggestions to, or JOIN the discussion on one of the posts.

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It’s time for freedom, but freedom is responsibility, and the future is now. We can CHANGE THIS WORLD but we have to do it TOGETHER, will you JOIN US?

Much love,


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